Bellingham Athletic Club

Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. Initiation Fee. Upon acceptance of this membership application and payment of the initiation fee, the applicant shall be entitled to all membership rights and privileges of the category indicated. The fee applies to the membership and its duration only. It expires immediately upon cancellation of this membership for any reason. Initiation fees are non-refundable.
  2. Monthly Dues. Monthly dues, plus applicable sales tax and other charges incurred by a member shall be billed monthly in advance and are due upon receipt. Members shall be financially responsible for their account. Bellingham Athletic Club (hence referenced as BAC) reserves the right to change the amount of dues after first giving members notice of such change. Dues are for the right to use the facility and are not based on actual usage of the facility. Separate fees may be charged to members for use of lockers, food and beverage service, nursery facilities, tanning, guest use, and are subject to change.
  3. Dependents. Dependents covered under the Family or Single Parent memberships shall be defined as under the age of 21, and who are the natural children of the member, or children for whom the member is legal guardian. Dependents under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the Cornwall facility.
  4. Annual Shutdown. In order to maintain the quality of our facilities, we shut down the club annually to perform major maintenance tasks. During this time, we will do our best to accommodate you with alternative facilities. Your dues will not be pro-rated during this shutdown period.
  5. Use of Facilities. Rules of conduct for members and their guests have been established by BAC, and are available in print. These rules cover such matters as identification required of members before use of the facilities, guest registration requirements and fees, reservation policies, eye guard requirements, and other rules to promote the use and enjoyment of the facilities by all members. Violation of the Rules of Conduct may result in your membership being cancelled.
  6. Assumption of Risk. I assume full responsibility and risk for any injury or damage which I might sustain directly or indirectly from any cause related to BAC including but not limited to the use of any equipment, services, or facilities provided at BAC. The use of eyeguards is required and the failure to use them is an assumption of risk of potential eye injury on the part of the member.
  7. Liability. BAC, its employees and agents shall not be liable for any injuries to persons or damage to property however caused, which might be sustained by members, their families, guest, or others in and about the facilities of BAC. I hereby release and forever discharge BAC, its employees and agents with respect to any claims of liability for injury to persons or damage to property, however caused, which me, my family or guest may assert to claim against BAC. When using the free weight room, spotters are recommended and instruction and supervision are available upon request. BAC shall not be responsible for loss of personal property of members and their guests. Members shall be responsible for and reimburse BAC for all damamges to facilities, removal of or damage to equipment, and theft of BAC property. Any such damages or thefts caused by a member, their family or guest shall be charged to the member’s account.
  8. Changes in Membership. BAC reserves the right to terminate membership as follows:
    a. If a member’s account remains unpaid for more than 60 days,
    b. For non-compliance to Rules of Conduct by members and their guests;
    c. If BAC determines to discontinue operation of the facilities, it may terminate the membership of all members at any time by giving written notice of such termination.
    Any and all changes in membership must be done in writing and you must notify us 30 days prior before you wish the change to take effect, ie: if you wish you membership to be cancelled in June, you must let us know in writing before May 10th. After that it will be cancelled for the next month ie: July. Your account must be zero before the cancellation takes effect. Phone cancellations and changes will not be accepted.
  9. Memberships are Non-Transferrable. BAC Memberships are not transferrable.
  10. Billing is Electronic Funds Transfer or for $5.00 per month a statement will be sent.
  11. If payment is not received by the next 30 day billing cycle, A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed and a Past Due notice will be printed on your statement.
  12. When your account becomes 45 days past due, you will receive a notice of suspension of your membership. Your membership will be suspended 5 days hence. Upon suspension, you will not be permitted to access the BAC facilities until such a time that your balance is paid in full or payment arrangements have been made with the business office.
  13. When your account becomes 90 days past due and you have not contacted the business office to make financial arrangements, your account may be turned over to a collection agency and your membership will be cancelled.