Lindsay Williams

Lindsay was born and raised in Whatcom County. She is a graduate of Western Washington University where she earned a BA in Communication. She started working during the summers at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club as a lifeguard and swim instructor when she was in high school…and never left. She has over 20 years of aquatics experience and over 10 years of management experience. Her passion is to help kids learn to enjoy the water and become competent swimmers while having fun and being safe.

When she is not at the BAC, her life is spent with her husband, Brett, and their 3 kids: Jack, Maelle, and Carys. They love to do things together as a family, whether it be walking to Starbucks, playing games or watching movies. All 3 of her children have spent their whole lives in and around the water and have no idea water can be dangerous, much to the lifeguard’s chagrin—although Lindsay believes bringing her children to the pool is a great way to train her staff, especially her youngest, who is very good at pushing boundaries.