Bellingham Athletic Club

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Kids Club Policies

  1. You are required to fill out all necessary forms prior to your child’s first visit.
  2. You must remain on the premises while your child is in Kids Club.
  3. You must sign your child into Kids Club upon arrival and sign them out when leaving.
  4. An adult must accompany your child during the trips to and from Kids Club.
  5. Unsupervised play in Kids Club is prohibited–an attendant must be present in Kids Club for members or kids to be in Kids Club.
  6. Children must be at least 6 weeks old in order to attend Kids Club.
  7. Kids can get their Junior Orientation at the age of 9. Kids with orientation may be asked to leave Kids Club if they do not listen or it is busy.
  8. Children from age 6-weeks to 2-years old must have a reservation to attend Kids Club.
  9. There is a 2-hour limit per stay for any child in Kids Club.  A late fee of $5 per child will be charged to your account for any extra time your child spends in Kids Club beyond 2 hours (at the half-hour mark).
  10. If your child is present past closing, there will be a charge.  15 minutes past closing is a $5 charge per child.  30 minutes past closing is a $10 charge per child.
  11. All charges must be satisfied at the end of your child’s visit or they will be charged to your account.
  12. We use the “time-out” method for discipline. If your child continues to misbehave or cry excessively, you will be paged and asked to pick up your child.
  13. Only healthy kids are allowed in Kids Club.  If your child shows signs of illness, you will be asked to pick them up from Kids Club.
  14. Food and drink are not allowed in Kids Club (with exception of bottles).
  15. Other than the electronics provided in Kids Club, no outside electronics are allowed.
  16. Children must be at least 6-years old in order to play the wii.