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Importance of a Personal Trainer

Personal and Group Trainer Bellingham

Now more than ever our physical health has become a priority. We all are aware of the benefits we can reap from maintaining a healthy active lifestyle but we also live in an era, where time is a precious commodity. Selecting exercises that are appropriate, time-effective, and meet your personal goals can be a challenge. A Personal Trainer is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to make physical activity a regular part of their day. At Bellingham Athletic Club we are proud to have a group of highly skilled professional people on our Personal Training Staff that are dedicated to providing you with the education and motivation that you need to succeed. Here at BAC we have a number of programming options:

Personal Training Single Session

BAC Personal Trainers may be hired by the hour to design and implement a training session just for you. Trainers charge on average $55-$65 per hour and $35-$45 per half hour for BAC members.

Personal Training Multiple Sessions

Learning a new workout regimen can be a little overwhelming. Testing our powers of memory and comprehension. Hiring a Trainer for more than one session ensures that you feel comfortable with your new routine before you try it solo. People also discover that working with a trainer gives them the motivation to not only work a little harder but assures them that the exercises they are doing are efficient, safe, and get results. A 5% discount is given for purchasing 6 sessions or more and a 10% discount is given for purchasing 12 sessions or more.

Semi-private Personal Training Sessions

The success of your exercise routine can be directly linked to your consistency and enjoyment. Exercising with a friend or family member can add a level of accountability and fun to the exercise experience. For that reason we offer Semi-private Training Sessions where you and a friend or family member can train together under the guidance of one of our Training Staff. Trainers charge on average $25 to $35 per hour for BAC members. A 5% discount is given for purchasing 6 sessions or more and a 10% discount is given for purchasing 12 sessions or more.

Joining BAC and participating in our Orientation program are the first two steps to making exercise a regular part of your life. Please consider using Personal Training to assist you with maintaining your level of enthusiasm and momentum. Physical Activity and exercise are lifelong pursuits, let us help you realize your goals.