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Challenge Courts

Handball players have challenge courts reserved on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30PM to 4:30PM.  You’ll always find players on the courts during challenge courts.

Racquetball and Handball News

by BAC Staff on June 4, 2020

by Wanda Collins, Racquetball Advisory Staff

If you are a racquetball or handball player, you are probably missing your time on the court…and the exercise. These sports provide a big anaerobic workout disguised as a game. You don’t even notice how hard your body works as you play. A person burns 600-800 calories in an hour on the court playing singles. As we ease into opening the club, the courts will be available for individual use, but not yet for two or more people. It will be a great time to drill and bring back those skills that you haven’t used in months. Spending time drilling on the court, in the weight room, and on a cardio piece will make you ready to go when we CAN play again. Stepping on the court to play a game without preparing will be frustrating and could lead to injuries.

To help facilitate court usage, we will block our court use for half-hour intervals. Most of you won’t be on the court much longer than a half-hour to drill. If you find that you can work at it for an hour, just reserve two half-hour time blocks. Contact the front desk beginning June 5 to reserve your time, and go for it!

I will be posting a racquetball drill sheet each week on court windows for your use if you need help organizing your time to get a maximum benefit. I will also be available for private racquetball lessons.

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Handball Event

by BAC Staff on July 27, 2019

BAC hosted a one-day handball event on July 20. Twenty-two handballers from across the Puget Sound played in the fun event.

Pictured (from left) are Tim Laverty with partner, Ken Starcher, and Tim Goering with partner (and tournament director) Carl Mattson.

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Congratulations to Mike Flannery!

by BAC Staff on July 26, 2019

Congratulations to BAC member, Mike Flannery!  Mike attended the USHA National Four Wall Championships in California in  June and placed 1st in Men’s Singles Masters 60+.  After a first-round bye, Mike faces three tough opponents, winning his final match in a tiebreaker: 15-21, 21-14, 11-8.

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Handball Tournament

by BAC Staff on July 17, 2019

There will be a One-Day Handball Tournament on Saturday, July 20th. Courts will be closed between 9:30am-9pm, but classes will run and the basketball gym will be available to members.

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State Handball Tournament

by BAC Staff on April 5, 2018

State Handball Tournament will be held at the Cordata Club this weekend. Racquetball Courts will not be available on Friday April 6 from 5:00pm-10:00pm, Saturday April 7 from 8:00am-5:00pm, and Sunday April 8 from 8:00am-3:00pm. ALL Group Exercise Classes and Pool classes will be held as usual.

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Jessie Scott
Jessie Scott
Court Sports Director

Jessie has been employed at BAC since 2006. She is not a full-time employee any longer as she accepted a job at Mount Baker Imaging in August of 2016, but she is still running racquetball and basketball programs. She grew up in Indiana and graduated from Ball State University in 2006. Jessie enjoys water skiing, playing racquetball and anything else close to the water, and of course, spending time with Jasper.

Wanda Collins
Wanda Collins
AM Pro Certified Wilson, Pro Kennex Reginal Staff member

Wanda began playing racquetball competitively in 1980 and has been a top-ranked open player since 1985. She is a long-time Washington’s Women’s Open champion and has served on the Washington Racquetball Association board. She is the Club Pro and is available for racquetball lessons and advanced clinics. Wanda spends her “spare” time with her husband, Mike. Her offseason is filled with golfing, hiking, camping, and traveling as much as possible.