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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

BODY BLAST/BLITZ: Energetic, fast-paced workout that meets all your fitness needs. All levels of fitness—includes cardio intervals & strength training stations to boost metabolism, sculpt muscles & relieve stress. Time flies & you will leave feeling exhilarated.

BOOT CAMP: A results-based conditioning program, conducted indoors & outdoors, utilizing military style format coupled with the most innovative & creative exercises in fitness. Workouts include cardiovascular, speed and endurance, partner resistance, strength training & more. If you think you need a kick start, this class is for you!!!

CARDIO DANCE & FITNESS:   Every 60-minute class includes a gentle warm up, 30-minute aerobic workout, muscle toning and strengthening segment with weights, and a stretch finale.

CARDIO MIX: This class does it all!  Step, kickboxing, floor, and intervals!  An easy to follow heart-pumping cardio workout.

GENTLE YOGA: A gentle approach to learning the yoga postures using props and careful alignment/adjustments for each student.

GRAVITY*: GTS Gravity uses an individual’s body weight as resistance, utilizes a cable and pulley system and free-motion glideboard. Adjustable to nine different levels of resistance, the machine engages all major muscle groups and facilitates more than 250 strength training, stretching and Pilates exercises. Space is limited to 4 participants for 45-minute classes.

HIIT: Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Torch calories and improve cardiovascular capacity with High-Intensity Interval Training class. This class includes a warm-up, 30 minutes of focused interval work, core work and stretching.

INSANITY!:  Nope, you don’t have to be insane to take this class – just up for an intense and complete body workout. This is an athletic­-based class that focuses on all the aspects of fitness combined into one hour – don’t forget your sweat towel!

PILATES: This class is designed to work your powerhouse muscles – abs, lower back, thighs, and buttocks. The discipline emphasizes correct form to help develop strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, & good posture. Designed for all levels.

PiYO: What is PiYo? It is a fusion-style of group exercise that features movements inspired by, but not limited, the best of Pilates and yoga. It is a music-driven, athletic workout that will strengthen, stretch and sculpt your body. All fitness levels will be challenged in a low impact, heat-generating workout. There will be modifications and progressions given to create a workout that is just right for you.

POWER HOUR: This class is POWERFUL! You will most definitely need a sweat towel and a bottle of water. The focus is on getting an all-around top to bottom workout, including core and stretch. All levels welcome!

POWER PUMP: BAC’s barbell training group exercise class. You’ll love the music & motivation while you squat, curl, and press for maximum calorie burning & body reshaping. Intended for all levels & designed to guarantee results.

PLUS (+) – Same format as Power Pump but injected with high energy intervals to challenge your cardiovascular system, burn more calories, and reach new goals.

REVOLUTIONS: Rev it up in BAC’s Indoor Cycling class called Revolution.  Don’t let the cold and rainy season put a damper on your training.  Indoor cycling is an excellent way to keep your cardiovascular fitness up in a low impact heart pumping activity.  Revolution will take members through specific drills that are designed to build strength and muscle endurance. Take your training to the next level through timed intervals where you will learn to fly on the flats, jog up-and-down mixed terrains and attack on a hill.  This class is designed to benefit someone who has not been on a bike in years to the avid cyclist. Revolution will mimic the outdoor riding experience in a high intensity, energetic, and friendly environment that will push you to be your best.  

RETROFIT: Moderate-paced, low-impact class designed for people who are comfortable with basic choreography. Focus is on simple movements. This is a great starting class for all ages, beginners, and members coming back from rehab injuries.

RIPPED: The One Stop Body Shock! Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Diet. A total body workout that’s highly effective and intense. This workout requires the body to respond to a constantly changing format and offers ultimate results in minimal time. It’s athletic based and a perfect class to get out of a plateau from repetitive workouts. A fitness formula for an intense workout that squeezes all the best elements of fitness into an hour.

STEP: High energy, heart pumping classes uses step choreography to keep you moving and grooving to the beat of the music.

STEP INTERVAL: Beginning to Intermediate Step choreography alternated with calorie-burning cardio intervals, and finished with abdominal sculpting.

STEP & PUMP: Start your day out right with this fat burning, muscle toning, keep it moving class! Combine step/cardio with toning and conditioning, often using hand weights, bands, and weighted bars.


STRONG: Using various Strength training tools and weights, this class focuses on muscle! We include exercises for all of our muscle groups – as well as our “heart muscle” by incorporating cardio exercises. This class changes from week to week – so be prepared to make some “gains”!

STRONG & STABLE: A moderately-paced strengthening and balance exercise class for adults. Every class features exercises that increase balance, mobility, and strength in order for you to continue enjoying an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

TBC –  “Total Body Conditioning” – Just like the name of the class – the description is just that!  A little bit of everything including cardio, strength, core and a stretch.  This class is a great workout for all levels of fitness.

TACFIT*: Tacfit is an intense 45-minute functional training class. It is a circuit based class that has varying levels of intensity to meet the needs of almost all levels of fitness. All exercises are chosen and arranged in such a way to improve body awareness, joint mobility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength.

TRX*: The TRX Suspension Training system is a lightweight, all in one piece of equipment that is quickly becoming the ultimate way for people to “functionally train.” Train multiple muscles at once, in multiple planes of movement, for a workout unlike anything you have ever experienced. TRX participants will see improved core stability, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and overall body mobility.

WEIGHTS FOR WOMEN*: Get the benefits of a personal training session in a dynamic group atmosphere! Our Weights for Women program runs throughout the year. Sessions are two days per week for 45 or 75 minutes. For more information and start dates, please contact the front desk.

YOGA LEVEL 1: (Gentle Yoga)  Alignment based yoga working towards balance, strength & flexibility, giving mobility & structural integrity. We welcome all who are healthy and injury free.

ZUMBA: This dance-based aerobics class fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Zumba participants achieve long term health benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!


 Check the schedule – as these classes aren’t always offered.