Bellingham Athletic Club

Personal Trainers

Mike Locke
Mike Locke
Director of Fitness and Sports Performance

As a trainer, Mike’s greatest satisfaction is derived from helping you meet “Life’s” many challenges and succeeding. Beginning in the Fitness Industry in 1981 and a BAC employee since 1985 Mike has garnered over four decades worth of experience in Fitness, Rehabilitation, and Sports Performance. His clientele range from individuals new to exercise to older adults, from post-therapy patients to athletes elementary age through high school as well as collegiate to professional.

“An athlete resides within each one of us,” states Mike. “No matter our age or gender, we compete each and every day in the biggest race of all…the Human Race”.

He is the recipient of the Northwest Athletic Club Association (NACA) Fitness Director of the Year Award in 1992 and the National Volunteer Service Citation from the Arthritis Foundation 2000.

When not coaching and training athletes and clients, Mike enjoys golf, walking, weight training, watching sports, reading, music, movies, and working around his property. But most importantly spending time with his wife, their dog, and their two adult children.

“With deeper understanding comes greater benefit.”
Coach Locke 2009

Western Washington University (B.A. Exercise Science and M.Ed. Exercise Physiology) and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), Circular Strength Training (Head Coach), SPARQ (Coach), and the American Kettlebell Club (AKC Coach), and AmPRO Racquetball Instructor.
Krystal Gillette
Personal Trainer

Krystal began at BAC in 2018 as a Fitness Intern. After completing her internship, she found that she enjoyed the atmosphere and the interaction with the people so much she decided to stay. Krystal has over 20 years of experience with strength and conditioning due to her time as an internationally ranked artistic roller-skater. Krystal’s precision dance team competed as part of Team USA from 2004-2008.

Krystal’s experience as a competitive athlete and a 6-year veteran of the US Air Force gave her an appreciation and love for movement of all kinds. It was this appreciation that lead her to coaching and training. Her specialties include individual and group personal training, injury prevention, and roller-skating instruction and coaching.

“Fitness is not a race, states Krystal, it’s a journey that you should enjoy”.

When not at BAC working with clients Krystal time is filled with her own training, skating with the Roller Betties Roller Derby League, coaching skating, reading, doing various art projects, and participating in outdoor adventures with her husband Nick and their dog Tater.

BS Movement Studies Western Washington University 2019
ACE Personal Trainer 2017
US Amateur Roller-Skating Elite Artistic Coach 2021
Society of Roller-Skating Teachers of America 2021
Association of Amateur Roller-Skating Coach 2021
Lesley Jones
Personal Trainer

Lesley is both an experienced Personal trainer and Fitness/Pilates Instructor. Her philosophy is helping clients to achieve healthy living through balancing work and family. Lesley firmly believes that making time for Fitness is essential for healthy living. She has also run weight loss clinics teaching clients the importance of sound nutrition and exercise. Lesley works with a wide variety of people of all ages and fitness levels. In her spare time, Lesley spends time with her sons, Luke and Matthew. Lesley also loves to run, bike, read, garden, and work on additional Fitness related certifications.

Rich Nodarse
Rich Nodarse
Certified Personal Trainer

Rich is thrilled to be a personal trainer at BAC. He started working Front Desk in December 2021, and nine months later he became a certified personal trainer for the club. A fitness enthusiast for over a decade, Rich competed in cross country and track & field at the high school level, then served in the military for 5 years, and is now a collegiate athlete. He is currently majoring in psychology with a minor in sport psychology at Western Washington University. He plans on acquiring a master’s degree in sport & performance psychology following graduation.

Rich is a varsity collegiate rower on the WWU Men’s Crew team. Last year, Rich and four other teammates beat 25+ collegiate rowing clubs to win gold at the national championship in Oakridge, Tennessee. As a competitive rower, Rich trains religiously in cardiovascular conditioning, strength development, and power. He wants to share his appreciation and expertise in physical training with anyone interested in improving their physical fitness and overall well-being.

As a personal trainer, Rich strives to apply his knowledge of physical development, sport psychology, and kinesiology to help achieve the goals of his clients. He works with a wide range of clientele, from adults with little to zero exercise experience to long-time athletes. He also enjoys working with adolescents. Rich has been a middle-school Track & Field and Cross Country Coach for Bellingham Public Schools for three sport seasons. No matter what your fitness background may be, Rich will be excited to meet with you to discuss a program that best suits your needs and experience.

When not in school, doing homework, or working, Rich will usually be hanging out with friends, cooking, exercising, or reading. Although he loves reading many different genres of books, these days he primarily reads books related to psychology, science, or coaching to further his career development. He also finds a lot of joy being in the outdoors and seeing new places. Occasionally you’ll find him watching a good T.V. show or movie.

Rich is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
Tiffany Morton
Personal Trainer

Tiffany Morton has been working as a personal trainer at the Bellingham Athletic Club since 1998. During that time she has started several programs that you will still see at the club today such as Weights for Women, Biggest Winner, and Dino Muscles. She managed Kids Club for several years and is still passionate about working with children and helping them lead an active and nutritious life. She has also worked with and directed several clients and small groups through the journey of weight loss.

Tiffany graduated from Western Washington University in 1998 and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Shortly after, she got her CSCS certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Since then she has attended local and international fitness conventions. She is also a certified trainer in Gravity (GTS), American Kettlebell club (AKC), and circular strength training (CTS). She has an in-depth understanding of the Omega Wave System. Tiffany knows that people change as well as our knowledge of the body and credits the BAC in helping her constantly stay updated with the most current knowledge of training the body. She has also learned a lot just from working with so many different clients.

“I enjoy working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, my job is to challenge each person to find their own greatest potential.” Tiffany loves her job and loves being active herself. Some of her favorite activities include snowboarding, running, yoga, “playing” with kettlebells and clubbells, and, of course, spending time with her family.

“Being active will always be and important part of my life, it has helped me to endure sickness as well as childbirth- I understand it’s importance and am lucky enough to enjoy it.”