Fitness Programs

We realize that each member is unique. Therefore we offer a variety of fitness, athletic, and therapeutic programs designed to address each person’s specific needs and goals:


When you sign-up for the Activtrax program, you take a short strength test, list your goals, the time you have devoted to your workout and some other pertinent information.  Once we input your information in the computer it will print out a workout for you each time you come to the club.  You simply pick-up your workout, fill in your repetitions and turn it in.  The seat settings are listed for you with the different weights used.  The program will adapt with you and progress, as you become fitter.  The program changes your workout so that you train in different ways, which is great for keeping your body adapting to different styles.  This is a great program to get you on track and keep you challenged. Click to Open Activtrax Website


Fitness Assessments

One of our certified personal training staff will measure body composition through a series of tests and measurements including: blood pressure, body circumferences, and bioimpedence to measure body fat.

Personal Training

We offer a certified professional staff of trainers who can customize a program to meet your special needs and also educate you and motivate you to meet your goals. Trainers can be hired by the session or a series of sessions. See our personal training program page for more information

Sports Performance Training

Our belief is that the athletic process is perpetual. It is epitomized by the strive for continual unending improvement with the purpose of refining athletic potential into successful athletic performance. As coaches our mission is to utilize the latest training methods and technology to provide a sports performance foundation upon which each participant can build the skills necessary to become faster, stronger, and more explosive. Our goal is to make “Complete Athletes”. To that end we offer a variety of Sports Performance programs for each athlete’s specific requirements. See our Sports Performance page for more information.

Youth Fitness

Children need opportunities to become fit, just like adults! Our Fit Kids program introduces children to the benefits of fitness. Children learn how to safely and effectively participate in strength, aerobic, and flexibility training activities.

Now more than ever our physical health has become a priority. We all are aware of the benefits we can reap from maintaining a healthy active lifestyle but we also live in an era, where time is a precious commodity. Selecting exercises that are appropriate, time-effective, and meet your personal goals can be a challenge. A Personal Trainer is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to make physical activity a regular part of their day. At Bellingham Athletic Club we are proud to have a group of highly skilled professional people on our Personal Training Staff that are dedicated to providing you with the education and motivation that you need to succeed. Here at BAC we have a number of programming options:

Personal Training Single Session

BAC Personal Trainers may be hired by the hour to design and implement a training session just for you. Trainers charge on average $55-$65 per hour and $35-$45 per half hour for BAC members.

Personal Training Multiple Sessions

Learning a new workout regimen can be a little overwhelming. Testing our powers of memory and comprehension. Hiring a Trainer for more than one session ensures that you feel comfortable with your new routine before you try it solo. People also discover that working with a trainer gives them the motivation to not only work a little harder but assures them that the exercises they are doing are efficient, safe, and get results. A 5% discount is given for purchasing 6 sessions or more and a 10% discount is given for purchasing 12 sessions or more.

Semi-private Personal Training Sessions

The success of your exercise routine can be directly linked to your consistency and enjoyment. Exercising with a friend or family member can add a level of accountability and fun to the exercise experience. For that reason we offer Semi-private Training Sessions where you and a friend or family member can train together under the guidance of one of our Training Staff. Trainers charge on average $25 to $35 per hour for BAC members. A 5% discount is given for purchasing 6 sessions or more and a 10% discount is given for purchasing 12 sessions or more.

Joining BAC and participating in our Orientation program are the first two steps to making exercise a regular part of your life. Please consider using Personal Training to assist you with maintaining your level of enthusiasm and momentum. Physical Activity and exercise are lifelong pursuits, let us help you realize your goals.


BAC Downtown proudly introduces our newest exercise system GTS Gravity. GTS Gravity uses an individual’s body weight as resistance, utilizes a cable and pulley system and free-motion glideboard. Adjustable to nine different levels of resistance, the machine engages all major muscle groups and facilitates more than 250 strength training, stretching and Pilates exercises. Space is limited to 4 participants for 45-minute classes.

Members are attracted to personal training sessions on GTS, either in one-on-one or small group sessions. With GTS, there is no moving around or waiting for equipment. Members also enjoy lower prices for training in small groups on GTS while they continue to receive the personal attention so important to the successful personal training experience.

$48/1x per week Member
$60/1x per week Non-Member

Please contact BAC Downtown for class times, dates, and availability.


Looking to improve your nutrition and lose body fat the right way? Check out Fuel, a small group class with our Certified Nutrition Coach, Tina Schumacher ( Fuel your body the right way, lose body fat, develop lean muscle and create habit-based changes striving for long term health and performance. This program provides accountability, support, and the most recent science-based nutrition information to get the results you want. Session include: Food journal review, private body composition consult and current nutritional science education.

Weights for Women

Get the benefits of a personal training session in a dynamic group atmosphere!  Our Weights for Women program runs throughout the year.  Sessions are two days per week for 75 minutes.  For more information and start dates, please contact the front desk.  See Flier.

$64/Month Member
$84/Month Non-Member

Coach Mike Locke is the Director of Fitness and Sports Performance at Bellingham Athletic Club where he and Coach Randy Huntington, a professional Sports Performance coach and USTAF Master’s Track Coach, developed BAC’s Sports Performance Program. Coach Locke has successfully worked with many local middle school, high school, college, and professional athletes. Here are some of the organizations that have utilized Coach Locke’s expertise.

  • Bellingham Track Club
  • Bellingham A.A.U. Girls Basketball
  • F.C. Ranger Soccer
  • Bellingham High School Boy’s Basketball
  • Sehome High School Football
  • Squalicum High School Boy’s Basketball
  • Whatcom Community College Men’s Basketball
  • Western Washington University Football
  • One on One Performance Coaching – One on One Performance Coaching is meant for the athlete who needs and wants more individualized attention. Sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of each athlete. Training sessions are arranged by appointment with one of our Performance Coaching Staff. Please contact BAC Director of Fitness and Sports Performance, Mike Locke, for more information.

Onsite Performance Training

Now teams can receive training at their facility. Costs vary depending on the needs of the team. Please contact Mike Locke to schedule the session.

Glide Disc – Backward Lunges

by BAC Staff on November 15, 2019

In the last two exercises of the month, we have looked at the progressions for split squats. The next exercise in that progression is adding movement of one leg to that stationary movement.

Backward lunges are the next progression to Split Squats. In the backward lunge, we are actively taking a step backward with one leg and descending downward until our front thigh and rear leg form two 90 degree angles. It is important that we keep both feet at least shoulder width to as wide as hip-width. If we narrow our stance or cross the mid-line of the body we increase the likelihood we might lose our balance and fall. From the 90-90 position, we transition back up to a standing position lifting through our hips while maintaining our posture and balance.

Using a Glide disc is a great tool to help you learn how to effectively do a backward lunge. Place the foot of the leg you will be moving backward on the disc. You should have the forefoot of your shoe on the disc. Carpet discs are hard plastic whereas hardwood floor discs are nylon. Both slide very easily on hard and carpeted surfaces so be careful as you slide the disc. When you initially begin, you can use a solid support or a mobility pole to assist you with balance. Later on, as you progress you can load your hands with weight or place a barbell on your shoulders.

Backward lunges are a great exercise for the upper thighs and the hips. If you have questions on this exercise please speak to one of Personal Trainers or Group Exercise instructors.

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Is Your Exercise Program Balanced?

by BAC Staff on October 17, 2019

In life, we are constantly trying to look for balance in our lives: work, home/family, play/recreation etc. Shouldn’t we look for balance in our exercise program as well?

As with anything in our life, balance creates an environment of success, enjoyment, contentment, and happiness. Exercise is no exception! A balanced exercise program challenges us physically and mentally, relieves stress, helps us recover, and enhances our overall health.

What does a balanced exercise program look like? Some of the components of a balanced program should include aerobic/cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/power, tissue flexibility and mobility, joint mobility, movement and coordination, breathing, and balance. Fortunately here at BAC, we have a number of options in which to choose and craft a balanced exercise program that you can enjoy.

If you are someone who likes to exercise with a group of people there are a variety of options for you. For aerobic/cardiovascular training we have Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Zumba, Bootcamp, TBC, Insanity, HIIT, Step, Cardio Dance, Zumba, and Revolution. For muscular strength/power/movement training: Power Pump, Bootcamp, TBC, HIIT, Strong, Strong and Stable, Aqua Aerobics, and Pilates. And for tissue flexibility/balance/breath training: Yoga, and Strong and Stretch.

Typically, aerobic/cardiovascular training should be done 3-5 times/week, strength/power/movement 2-3 times/week, balance/tissue flexibility-mobility every day with one training session devoted to it 1 time/week at least.

One of the benefits of a lot of our classes is that they incorporate many of these components into each class session but as you can see we also offer classes that address specific areas. If you are curious about how to balance your exercise program Jeri Winterburn, BAC Group Exercise Director, Mike Locke, Director of Fitness, and our Group Exercise and Personal Training Staff are here to help.

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Yoga Tips

by BAC Staff on October 10, 2019

Yoga is a wonderful workout for many different reasons. Among them, it’s a good way for people of all ages to get active while remaining safe and comfortable. Additionally, it can help you learn to relax and get focused, and it’s a great tool for feeling better when stress becomes overwhelming. However, what about yoga workouts for people who want to take their routine to the next level? If you’re feeling bored or unchallenged by your workout, it may be time to think about how you can change it up while staying motivated.

There are many ways to go about it, and they’re all personal to your needs. Whether you want to boost your strength or learn how to get into deep meditation, there are several things you can do to improve your workout. By using specific tools and resources, you can take yoga to a whole new level. Think outside the box; use tech, apps, and online tutorials to your advantage.

Here are a few tips on how to give your yoga workout a boost.

Make Your Yoga Routine More Mobile

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the U.S. because it can be done just about anywhere. So, when you’re feeling stressed, you can find a little space and practice meditation and stretches that will help boost your mental health. Individuals with busy schedules can fit it easily into their day, especially with mobile apps like Down Dog that provide tutorials and recommendations. If you’re in the market for a new device that allows you to run the latest apps and take your yoga practice with you on your journeys, check out newer iPhones and find one that fits your budget and data plan. If you’re an Android fan, don’t fret — there are plenty of top-notch Android phones that can do the exact same thing.

Try Something New

There are plenty of tools you can use that will boost your yoga workout, including stability balls and yoga straps. These tools will help you keep your workout fresh and exciting while giving you a new way to work different parts of your body, but it’s important to make sure you find the right ones for your needs. Also, do some research on the specific tools you’re using so you can make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit from them.

Create Your Own Workout Space

Yoga can be done in a variety of places, but it can be really helpful to have your own space to practice in. Since yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand, a quiet spot is ideal, one without any distractions and that has plenty of room for you to move around. So, look for a place in your home that is away from the main flow of traffic, and include a way to play music, use scented candles, and a comfy yoga mat so you can practice in style.

Go Outside

Changing the scenery can go a long way toward helping you find new inspiration with your yoga routine. If you usually take a class, consider looking for one that is held outdoors, or take your mat to a local park when the weather is nice and spend some time in the sun doing your poses. Not only will this help you enjoy your workout more, but it’s also a great boost for your mental health to spend time outdoors. You can even check online to see if there are any outdoor classes near you that will allow you to bring your dog along, as spending time with pets can help you reduce stress.

When it comes to workouts, yoga is one of the most beneficial. No matter how you choose to practice yoga, make sure you stay safe while you practice, especially when using tools. And when you’re ready, don’t be afraid to take things to the next level.

~Sheila Johnson
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Assisted Split Squats

by BAC Staff on September 15, 2019

Last month, we introduced you to Assisted Split Squats, a stationary exercise to help you gain and maintain strength so that you may kneel down to the ground and then rise back up to standing. Once you have mastered the Assisted version of the Split Squat it is time to progress to the bodyweight unassisted Split Squat and then to the loaded version.

The mechanics for performing the bodyweight Split Squat are exactly the same as you did for the assisted. Start with your feet parallel about shoulder-width apart (see picture 1). While keeping your feet shoulder-width part step back with one foot approximately one stride length (see picture 2). This time let your arms hang down by your sides with your feet shoulder-width apart and one stride length from each other. Slowly lower your body until your front leg is at 90 degrees and your back knee touches or almost touches the floor. The back leg will also form a 90-degree angle. Pause and reverse the motion back up to the starting position. Make sure you push through the floor with the entire foot of the front leg and lift through the hips of that same leg. Complete for the prescribed number of repetitions then repeat on the opposite leg for the prescribed number of repetitions.

Please see one of BAC Personal Trainers if you have any questions regarding how to perform the assisted Split Squat exercise or how to include it your exercise routine. They would be happy to assist you.

Picture 1                                                    Picture 4
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Assisted Split Squats

by BAC Staff on August 15, 2019

Kneeling down to the ground is a very normal everyday movement. We have to kneel down to pick something off the ground or to find something that we may have dropped. Kneeling down can become more and more challenging if we begin to lose some strength.
A stationary assisted Split Squat is an exercise that can help you gain and maintain strength in the lower body to allow you to kneel down to the ground and then rise back up to standing. It is the first progression of a Split Squat using assistance with only your body weight.
To perform the assisted Split Squat you need to start with your feet parallel about shoulder-width apart (see picture 1). While keeping your feet shoulder-width part step back with one foot approximately one stride length (see picture 2).

To start the exercise grasp a solid object (see picture 3 with a stable bar) with your feet shoulder-width apart and one stride length from each other. Slowly lower your body while holding onto the solid object for balance until your front leg is at 90 degrees and your back knee touches or almost touches the floor. The back leg will also form a 90-degree angle (see picture 4). Pause and reverse the motion back up to the starting position. Use the solid object to assist you up using your arms as much or as little as you need. Make sure you push through the floor with the entire foot of the front leg and lift through the hips of that same leg.

Complete for the prescribed number of repetitions then repeat on the opposite leg for the prescribed number of repetitions.
Please see one of BAC Personal Trainers if you have any questions regarding how to perform the assisted Split Squat exercise or how to include it your exercise routine. They would be happy to assist you.

Picture 1                                                    Picture 4
Picture 3                                                   Picture 4
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Mike Locke
Mike Locke
Fitness Director, Director of Sports Performance

As a trainer, Mike’s greatest satisfaction is derived from helping you meet “Life’s” many challenges and succeeding. Beginning in the Fitness Industry in 1981 and a BAC employee since 1985 Mike has garnered over three decades worth of experience in Fitness, Rehabilitation, and Sports Performance. His clientele range from individuals new to exercise to older adults, from post-therapy patients to athletes from elementary age through high school and collegiate to professional.

“An athlete resides within each one of us,” states Mike. “No matter our age or gender, we compete each and every day in the biggest race of all…the Human Race”.

He is the recipient of the Northwest Athletic Club Association (NACA) Fitness Director of the Year Award in 1992 and the National Volunteer Service Citation from the Arthritis Foundation 2000.

When not coaching and training athletes and clients, Mike enjoys weight training, racquetball, golf, watching football and baseball, reading fiction and non-fiction books, music, movies, working around his property, and most importantly spending time with his wife and their two kids.

“With deeper understanding comes greater benefit.”
Coach Locke 2009

Western Washington University (B.A. Exercise Science and M.Ed. Exercise Physiology) and is certified by: the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), Circular Strength Training (Head Coach), SPARQ (Coach), and the American Kettlebell Club (AKC Coach), A.C.E. Personal Trainer, AmPRO
Alexa Thompson
Personal Trainer

Alexa Thompson is a graduate of Western Washington University’s Kinesiology Department and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Alexa is a former Varsity Crew member with WWU’s Women’s Varsity Crew team. In her final season, Alexa’s Varsity 4 boat finished third in the nation in NCAA Division II Nationals. She and her teammates also successfully defended their third consecutive title as of “Best in the West” for a Varsity 4. So if you have any questions about how to get the most out of our Concept II rowing machine workout Alexa would be happy to give you a lesson. As you can imagine Alexa has logged a significant amount of training miles during her tenure with WWU.

Alexa has also been an assistant select soccer coach for the FC Rangers program here in Whatcom County and former High School Soccer player. Besides training at BAC Alexa also teaches Physical Education in the Kinesiology Dept. at WWU. As her rowing career has ended Alexa now fills her athletic time with hiking, running, and weight training. She also tries to get home to Edmonds to see her dog Libby, a black lab/whippet mix, and also spend a little time with her parents.

Andrea Wagner
Andrea Wagner
Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer

Andrea comes to us from the Tacoma/Gig Harbor area with over 28 years in the Health and Fitness Industry.  She has held positions as a manager, personal trainer, fitness instructor, and mentor. Her love of health began in college where she studied Exercise Science (Eastern Washington University) and earned her first, of many, certifications.

Andrea has extensive experience teaching Barre, Spin, Pilates, TRX, Senior Fitness, Posture, and Strength formatted classes.  She believes in a safe, well-balanced class that is progressive, challenging, and fun. Sometimes hurt so good but still fun.

Andrea enjoys daily hikes in the woods with her Lab.  Being in nature is essential for her, and a recommendation for clients. Anytime with her growing children is quality time.  She says she reads, a lot. Some topics include but not limited to cellular biology, quantum physics, intermittent fasting, energy, conscious parenting, longevity, and disease prevention.  She believes in living a joyful life taking care of our inside being as well as our outside vessel. Andrea loves deep conversations and figuring out challenges so please hit her up with questions!

Cindy Olavarri
Cindy Olavarri MA ACSM
Personal Trainer

Cindy graduated from the University of California with a B.A. in Physical Education, a Secondary Teaching Credential, and a M.A in Exercise Physiology. She is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health/Fitness Instructor and Advanced Personal Trainer. Cindy had a very active childhood, fishing, backpacking, and playing baseball and basketball with her brothers. She ran track and cross country in high school and at the University of California. She was also a member of the first women’s crew team at U.C. Berkeley.

After college, Cindy competed in bicycle racing and was a member of the U.S. National Cycling Team. She competed in four World Cycling Championships and won the silver medal in the pursuit in the 1983 World Championships in Zurich, Switzerland. She also won three U.S. National Championship titles.

Cindy has worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years in a variety of capacities. She has been a personal trainer, fitness director, physical therapy aid, and college cross country coach. Cindy loves working one on one with clients of all ages helping them navigate the challenges of life with a healthy, active lifestyle.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, weightlifting, walking her dogs Lucy and Che, and working in her yard.

American College of Sports Medicine, Advanced Personal Trainer
Crystal Cartner
Personal Trainer

Originally from Tucson Arizona, Crystal has been active in sports her entire life from running cross country in high school to competing as a figure skater. Crystal’s real passion is snowboarding, which she has been an active participant since seventh grade and is now a professional snowboarder. Her love for sports and outdoor activities eventually led to a passion for helping people get in shape and improve their quality of life. For that reason Crystal became a personal trainer in 2014 and is certified by the NFPT. Since that time Crystal has actively helped her clients change their lives whether it be losing weight, improving their fitness level, or just improving their overall health. If you would like to make changes to your health, fitness, or performance Crystal would welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way.

Doug Salmon
Doug Salmon
Personal Trainer

Doug is a graduate of Cal State Northridge with a B.A. in Physical Education. He received his Masters of Science Degree in Physical Education from the University of Tennessee. Doug is a certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Before coming to BAC Doug worked as the Head Strength Coach at Utah State University for 6 years and at Southern Illinois University for 9 years. Doug enjoys working one on one with clients assisting them in reaching their goals as well as helping athletes of all ages develop and refine their athletic ability. Outside BAC Doug is an avid runner and weight trainer.

B.A. in Physical Education
Lesley Jones-Steinmetz
Personal Trainer

Lesley is both an experienced Personal trainer and Fitness/Pilates Instructor. Her philosophy is helping clients to achieve healthy living through balancing work and family. Lesley firmly believes that making time for Fitness is essential for healthy living. She has also run weight loss clinics teaching clients the jmportance of sound nutrition and exercise. Lesley works with a wide variety of people of all ages and fitness levels. In her spare time, Lesley spends time with her husband Oly chasing after their 2 sons, Luke and Matthew. Lesley also loves to run, bike, read, garden, and work on additional Fitness related certifications.

Lynnette Reilly
Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

I am Lynnette Reilly and have a passion for personal training, health and wellness. I am excited to inspire and motivate you to reach whatever fitness goals you are looking to achieve. I want to enable you to move more freely through mobility, stability, strength, and flexibility.

As a youth I was on many different athletic teams, but truly began my own fitness journey after the birth of my three daughters. I felt empowered as a woman and realized how much my body was physically capable of. I found great enjoyment and a feeling of success as I began to lift weights, grow my strength, and be able to both push and pull my own body weight. Watching my own body physically change and being able to perform physical tasks with more ease was such a great feeling of achievement. Fitness has provided a sense of great accomplishment and I love helping others find that same connection with strength. It has also been an amazing outlet in giving me the energy and endurance I have needed in my daily life. I have since completed multiple races and events such as the Spartan, the Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash. I continue to strive toward becoming a more fit individual each year.

I love to make the gym everyone’s playground. As a Functional Movement Specialist, I take my clients through a series of assessments. This allows me to prescribe the exercises that will help you move more efficiently doing the things you love the most. Whether your goals involve weight loss, strengthening, endurance or pain management. I can find the solution to meet your need. No matter what age or gender, no matter what weaknesses or inhibitions you have, I can help. Let’s begin this journey together.

ACE Certified Trainer 14 years; Pilates Mat 1and 2, Barrel and Apparatus Certified; KB Certified; FMS Certified; Circular Strength Training Certified
Sean Locke
Fitness, Personal Training

Growing up an athlete in the Ferndale area, Sean lettered in Football and Baseball during his career at Ferndale High School. After High School Sean continued his baseball career in college playing for the Skagit Valley College Cardinals, Western Washington Vikings as well as the Bellingham Bells in 2014. Sean received his bachelors of science from WWU in Kinesiology focusing in the area of sports psychology, in which he often references in his coaching, training, and physical therapy. Sean has volunteered as assistant football coach at Bellingham High School, been a Physical Therapy Aide at Performance Physical Therapy, and an associate at Fairhaven Runners. He is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and by RMAX International (TACFIT Instructor). Currently, Sean is enrolled in the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Whatcom Community College, where he working towards growing his skills in rehabilitation exercise and performance training. Sean enjoys weight training, trail running, paddle boarding, mountain biking, coaching, playing guitar and spending time with his family, friends and dog Koda.

Sean White
Sean White
Personal Trainer

Sean White, moved to Bellingham from Elburn, Illinois to attend WWU. For those of you not familiar with Elburn it is a suburb west of Chicago. Sean attended DePaul University for two years prior to transferring to WWU where in 2017 he obtained his BS in Kinesiology. He will be attending graduate school this fall and will be a graduate assistant in the Kinesiology Dept. at WWU. Sean is a certified personal trainer, CSCS, through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 

An avid hockey player and snowboarder from a young age, Sean also enjoys playing golf and is a car enthusiast who loves working on his car. Being from the Chicago area he is a diehard Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Cubs fan. Sean tries to take in Cubs games at Wrigley field when he is home during the season.

Howard, Sean’s 3 ½-year-old retriever/hound mix, keeps him company and on the go with his boundless energy.

After his post-graduate studies are over Sean hopes to see how he can meld the physical therapy and strength coach fields into a career path.  Sean working with members of all ages and abilities.

Tiffany Morton
Express Programs Director/Personal Trainer

Tiffany Morton has been working as a personal trainer at the Bellingham Athletic Club since 1998. During that time she has started several programs that you will still see at the club today such as Weights for Women, Biggest Winner, and Dino Muscles. She managed Kids Club for several years and is still passionate about working with children and helping them lead an active and nutritious life. She has also worked with and directed several clients and small groups through the journey of weight loss.

Tiffany graduated from Western Washington University in 1998 and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Shortly after, she got her CSCS certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Since then she has attended local and international fitness conventions. She is also a certified trainer in Gravity (GTS), American Kettlebell club (AKC), and circular strength training (CTS). She has an in-depth understanding of the Omega Wave System. Tiffany knows that people change as well as our knowledge of the body and credits the BAC in helping her constantly stay updated with the most current knowledge of training the body. She has also learned a lot just from working with so many different clients.

“I enjoy working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, my job is to challenge each person to find their own greatest potential.” Tiffany loves her job and loves being active herself. Some of her favorite activities include snowboarding, running, yoga, “playing” with kettlebells and clubbells, and, of course, spending time with her family.

“Being active will always be and important part of my life, it has helped me to endure sickness as well as childbirth- I understand it’s importance and am lucky enough to enjoy it.”