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With Lap Swimming, Swim Lessons, Water Aerobics, and Family Swims the BAC pool is one of the hottest places to be in Whatcom County! Contact the Front Desk at (360) 676-1800 if you have questions.

Lap Swim

Member can reserve one of the four lap lanes available. Reserve online with our web portal or give us a call!

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes between 3-8 pm. Private lessons are also available. Please email the aquatics director for more information.

Swim Team

The goal of our swim team is to transition students into swimming as a competitive sport. This is a learning-based program intended to prep students for swimming in high school or a similar club team (tryouts available).

Aqua Aerobics

Get a great cardio low-impact workout in the water! Great for all abilities and fitness levels.

Aqua Zumba

Looking for a water aerobics class with a twist? Try out Aqua Zumba! It is a fast-paced, body-toning water workout that combines the rhythm of a traditional Zumba class with the increased resistance in the pool.

Swim lessons are Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes between 3-8 pm. They are available for anyone ages 6 months to adult. Prices vary per session.  We also offer private and semi-private lessons. Please click here to be added to the interest list for a future session or email the aquatics director ( with any questions or call the Front Desk at (360) 676-1800.

If your student is currently enrolled in our program, please place them according to their previous level. We will be assessing and adjusting on the first day of lessons, but if you would prefer to have an independent assessment, please contact to set up a placement test. Note: These are the required skills to pass each level, not entrance skills.

Angelfish: For those age 6 mo-3 years

  • This is a Parent-Child aquatics class, focused on water adjustment and enjoyment!
  • You will learn how to hold your child in the water, practice survival skills and play games aimed at providing a positive first experience in the pool

Beluga: For those age 3 years +

  • For students who have never had lessons before
  • Focus on head & face submersion, bubbles through mouth & nose 5 seconds
  • Introduction to crawl stroke, front and back floats, & elementary backstroke (w/assistance)
  • Introduction to jumps & water safety

Starfish: For those age 7+ and just starting out

  • Meant for beginners - this is our youth beginner class! This class is for those who are a little older and just starting out - they may have some fears of the water, may or may not be comfortable putting their face under, and may or may not have had swim lessons before. For this level, the focus is on getting students adjusted for more advanced levels and becoming comfortable with the curriculum.
  • Students will learn:
    • Water adjustment and comfort (how to relax in the water)
    • Swimming 10-20 ft on own
    • Kicking with board
    • Ice Cream Scoops with rollover breathing
    • Elementary backstroke
    • Floating
    • Treading water
    • Essential Safety Skills

Clownfish: For those who have passed Beluga

  • Focus on transitioning from swimming with assistance to unassisted skills – by the end of the level they will be swimming 15-20 feet on their own
  • Effective crawl stroke and kicks
  • Front and back glide
  • Front & back floats w/ recovery (10-15 seconds)
  • Introduction to dolphin kick

Dolphin: For those who have passed Clownfish

  • Focus on increased distance and endurance – They will be swimming full lengths on a regular basis
  • Development of freestyle (crawl stroke) technique & side breathing
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Effective glide w/kick – on stomach, back, and dolphin
  • Introduction to treading water
  • Introduction to side stroke

Flounder: For those who have passed Dolphin

  • Distance: They will be swimming 3-5 lengths on a regular basis
  • Refine freestyle and backstroke
  • Introduction to breaststroke
  • Underwater glide w/ dolphin kick
  • Tread water (40-60 seconds)

Jellyfish: For those who have passed Flounder

  • Distance: 6-8 lengths
  • Refine freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke
  • Introduction to butterfly
  • Introduction to flip turns
  • Side stroke
  • Introduction to yardage & competitive swimming skills

Manatee: For those who have passed Jellyfish

  • Distance: 12 lengths
  • Refine freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • 100 yards freestyle w/flip turns
  • Introduction to backstroke flipturns
  • Introduction to IM order
  • Competitive swimming skills including time clock, starts, turns, & finishes

Swim Team: For those who have passed Manatee (tryouts available)

  • Refine all 4 strokes
  • Competitive swimming skills
  • Introduction to race starts, turns & finishes
  • Refine flipturns & streamlines
  • Drills to develop technique, endurance and speed
  • The goal of our swim team is to transition students into swimming as a competitive sport. This is a learning based program intended to prep students for swimming in high school or a similar club team.

Swim Lessons

Q. Do I need to pay when I sign up or can I pay on the first day of class?
A. In order to reserve your spot, payment is due at the time of sign up. If payment is not made during registration, you will be placed on the waiting list. If the class fills up before you make a payment for your lessons, you may need to find a class with open slots at a different time.

Q. Do I need to get in the water with my child?
A. If your child is under the age of three and has never done swim lessons before, we offer a parent child swim class in which the parent does get in the water with the child. If the child is over the age of three, they are placed in a class with an instructor and other children who have the same skills, and the parent does not need to be in the water.

Q. My child can swim, but I don’t know which level to put him or her in?
A. The swim levels are posted on our website with the corresponding skills taught in that level. If your child can do the skills listed in a particular level, then they should be placed in the next level up. If you’re unsure, give us a call! Any of our instructing staff can place students in the appropriate level.

Q. How do I know my child is in the correct swim class level?
A. The first day of class is designed to assess the skills of the children in the class. If we think your child would benefit more from a different class, the Aquatics Director will notify you after the first day and your child will be placed in the class they will be most successful in.

Q. How big are your classes?
A. The maximum number of students to one instructor is 5. For Angelfish and Swim Team, the maximum number of students to one instructor is 12.

Q. This session has already started; can I still sign my child up?
A. Yes, if there is a class with open space, we will gladly accept sign-ups after the session has started.

Q. Can I request that a class be offered at a specific time?
A. Yes, you may request a class if you have a specific time that you would like a class to be offered. The Aquatics Director does his or her best to schedule the class at the times requested, but if due to availability, the class cannot be scheduled when requested, it will be offered within 30 minutes of the requested time (either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after the time requested).

Q. When are your swim lessons?
A. Our swim lessons are Tuesdays and Thursdays and usually run in 4-week sessions of 8 lessons. We have morning (10-12), afternoon (3:30-5:30), and evening (6:00-8:00) times so you can come when it’s most convenient for you. Classes are 30 minutes long and begin every half hour.

Q. Do you have swim lessons on other days of the week besides Tuesdays and Thursdays?
A. We do not. Our swim lessons are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays as of right now. However, private swim lessons can be scheduled at any time throughout the week (as long as the pool is not in use for another program or class)."

Q. Can I just sign up for one day a week (Tuesday OR Thursday)?
A. Yes. If we have spots available in a class, you may sign up for just one day a week and pay a per-class rate. The price per class for non-members is $10, for children of members is $9, and for members is $8.

Q. Do you prorate the price if I miss a class?
A. We are able to pro-rate lessons if you know about the absence at the time of registration! The pro-rated cost is $10/lesson for non-members, $9/lesson for children of members, and $8/lesson for members. However, if you do not tell us about the absence at the time of registration, or if your student gets sick and is not able to make it to their lesson, we are not able to provide a refund.

Q. Where can I find a schedule of the classes offered?
A. We post schedules for swim lessons on our website on a monthly basis! Want to keep updated without having to check the website? Just email the Aquatics Director at and ask to be put on our email list! We send out an email blast once a month with the new schedule.

Q. When will the Aquatics Director be in the club so I can talk to him or her?
A. The Aquatics Director’s hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-12pm, and 3pm-8pm. You can reach him or her during these times or leave a voicemail message if he or she is not available. The aquatics voicemail is checked multiple times a week and your call will be returned promptly. You can also feel free to email at at any time.

Q. Do you offer private swim lessons?
A. Yes, we offer private swim lessons at a rate of $30 per half hour for non-members and $25 per half hour for members. We can also offer semi-private or group private lessons! Just give us a call at (360) 676-1800 to submit a private lesson request.

Q. When are the times I can schedule a private swim lesson?
A. Private swim lesson times are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3-5 and 7-8:30; Saturday from 10:30-12, 3-5, and 6-8:30; and Sunday from 1-2, 3-5, and 6-8:30. However, private lessons can be scheduled at any time that the instructor is available and there are no other conflicting activities in the pool.

Q. I need to cancel or reschedule my private lesson, how do I get a hold of the instructor?
A. Instructors will schedule private lessons with you individually, so they will give you their contact information when they call you to schedule. If you do not have the instructor’s contact information, please email ( or call the front desk and they will notify the instructor for you. NOTE: The front desk CANNOT give out instructor’s contact information for any reason.

Q. The class I want to sign up for is full, will another class be opened?
A. If we are able to staff an additional class and there are two or more people on the waiting list, we will open up another class for that time.

Q. I put in a private swim lesson request and I have not heard back yet.
A. Private swim lessons are scheduled based on the instructor’s availabilities. The Aquatics Director has to find an instructor who is available during the requested time, which may take a week or two. If it has been more than two weeks, the Aquatics Director will call you with an update.

Q. How big is your pool?
A. Our pool is 50 feet long and 30 feet wide. The shallowest point is 3 feet and the deepest point is 4 feet.

Q. What is the temperature of your pool?
A. We keep our pool between 84 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Swim Team

Q. Who can join swim team?
A. BAC accepts any swimmer who passes the tryout test, or swimmers who have successfully completed manatee skills. This is an introductory swim team where students will learn to view swimming as a sport, rather than fun activity. They will learn the official USA swimming rules & standards, stroke improvement, flip turns, starts, time clock and many other necessary swimming skills.

Q. What are the pre-requisites?
A. Tryout Test: Swimmers must complete at least 3 lengths of each stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly), complete at least 1 flip turn on stomach & back, swimmers must be able to complete 12 lengths of freestyle or backstroke, and demonstrate basic knowledge of swimming skills (ex floats, glides, side breathing, treading water, etc). All ages are welcome, as this is a skill-based program aimed at education and fun! OR Swimmers who have completed the “Manatee” level of our learn-to-swim program and can demonstrate those skills.

Q. When can my student take the tryout test?
A. Tryout testing will take place during regular swim team time, from 5:30-6:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or make arrangements with the aquatics director via email (

Q. How much does swim team cost?
A. Swim team will cost $70/month for non-members, $65/month for child of member, $60/month for members.

Q. How many times per week will swim team run?
A. Since our program is young, we will be running on Tuesday and Thursday nights only. However, as we pick up momentum, we will be looking to expand our program. Stay tuned!

Q. What time is swim team practice?
A. Swim team will run from 5:30-6:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Q. Is it competitive?
A. Our program is currently aimed at an introduction to swimming as a sport. In this respect, we will be training our swimmers to compete. At this point, the focus will be on learning competitive swimming skills. Additional questions, contact

New Spring Swim Lessons Schedule

by BAC Staff on February 24, 2023

Check out our new Swim Lessons Schedule for Spring 2023.

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Sign up now for Fall Swim Lessons

by BAC Staff on September 16, 2022

Our next session of Swim Lessons starts October 4. This session consists of 8 lessons, on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Registration opens one week before the start of each session. Click here to view ALL Fall Swim Lesson Sessions.

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Family Swim Time

by BAC Staff on December 1, 2020

We are having family swim by reservation on Saturdays 10:00am-11:00am.  Call to reserve your lane! Parents are required to stay in the pool area. 

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Water Aerobics classes

by BAC Staff on November 26, 2020

We’re welcoming back even more of our Water Aerobics classes! We have more availability and are looking forward to having you back in our pool.

-Class Schedule-
Monday evenings at 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm
Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm
Friday mornings at 8:30 am, 9:30 am, and 10:30 am

You may sign up for a class three days in advance and it’s a super easy sign up! Just call or talk to the front desk to schedule. 360-676-1800.

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Winter Swim Lessons

by BAC Staff on November 18, 2020

Please note that our pool can remain open under the latest guidelines, so we are still running swim lessons.

November 3rd-24th
$84 +tax non-member – $52.50 per additional child
$75 +tax member – $50 per additional child
SWIM TEAM: $61.50/$51.50

December 1st-17th
$84 +tax non-member – $52.50 per additional child
$75 +tax member – $50 per additional child
SWIM TEAM: $61.50/$51.50


FUTURE SESSIONS: January 5th-28th & February 2nd-25th

We are offering BELUGA group classes! No parent needed in the water! However, the Saturday morning parent/child class is still available if there is interest.

Limit of 4 kids in a class. Siblings can be kept together upon request as long as they’re similarly-abled. Classes are 30 minutes.

Classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 3:00 pm. Times will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but may be subject to change slightly due to pool spacing and staff availability. If there is only one child in a class, we may ask to adjust times OR charge an additional $15.

Swim Team will run from 5:30-6:30 pm, and will be limited to 5 swimmers. If there is enough interest, we may add another lane to allow for more participants.

We will offer an Angelfish class on Saturday mornings, and a parent-led Beluga class, depending on the demand. In these classes, parents will be in the water with their child and an instructor will be on the side teaching the class. These classes will also be limited.

Private lessons during other times are available, depending on our instructors’ availability. The cost of private lessons outside of our scheduled swim lessons hours are $30 per 30-minute lesson.
You can call the front desk at 360-676-1800 to sign-up. Payment is due upon registration. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

COVID precautions/protocols
Please wear a mask when you are in the building. Masks are not required in the pool.

Restrooms will be available for bathroom use and hand washing only. The hot tub will be closed.

We ask you to limit to one adult bringing the swimmers. We understand that siblings may need to come, but we urge you to try to limit the number of people coming when possible.

Teachers will wear face shields. While chlorine is known to kill COVID and other viruses, we feel this will add an extra layer of protection for both our instructors and your swimmers.

We will be checking the temperatures of anybody who enters the building and ask you to sign in at each lesson.

We also have an updated waiver. We will have hard copies available on the first day of lessons, but can email a copy to you upon request.

If you are unable to attend a given day, please email or call so we can adjust staffing accordingly.

Most important: nobody should come to the pool sick or with symptoms! Do not come if you or anyone with you can answer yes to any of these questions.
o Do you have a fever or have you felt hot or feverish recently (14 – 21 days)?
o Are you having shortness of breath or other difficulties breathing?
o Do you have a cough?
o Have you experienced a recent loss of taste or smell?
o Are you experiencing any other flu-like symptoms, such as gastrointestinal upset, headache and /or fatigue?
o Have you been in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive patients?

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Lindsay Williams
Aquatics Director

Lindsay was born and raised in Whatcom County. She is a graduate of Western Washington University where she earned a BA in Communication. She started working during the summers at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club as a lifeguard and swim instructor when she was in high school…and never left. She has over 20 years of aquatics experience and over 10 years of management experience. Her passion is to help kids learn to enjoy the water and become competent swimmers while having fun and being safe.

When she is not at the BAC, her life is spent with her husband, Brett, and their 3 kids: Jack, Maelle, and Carys. They love to do things together as a family, whether it be walking to Starbucks, playing games or watching movies. All 3 of her children have spent their whole lives in and around the water and have no idea water can be dangerous, much to the lifeguard’s chagrin—although Lindsay believes bringing her children to the pool is a great way to train her staff, especially her youngest, who is very good at pushing boundaries.

Kady Aamot
Kady Aamot
Aquatics Instructor

Kady is a college student born and raised in Whatcom County. Soon to be a student at Western Washington University to study Theraputic Recreations.She was on the Bellingham Athletic Club swim team for about 2 years growing up after completeing all the swim levels. In her spare time she enjoys snow boarding, long boarding, and hiking.

Madeline Harrell
Madeline Harrell
Aquatics Instructor

Maddie is from Lynden, WA. She is currently earning her AA at WCC and is a Junior at Lynden High School. She loves to spend time outdoors, hanging out with friends and doing cheer!

Nate Collins
Nate Collins
Aquatics Instructor

Nate Collins is from Ferndale, WA. He’s currently a senior at Ferndale High School. In the fall he will be attending Grand Canyon University and most likely majoring in architectural design. He plays soccer, tennis and cheers for school and some of his hobbies include hiking, painting, Netflix, and hanging with friends!

Spencer Kaiser
Spencer Kaiser
Aquatics Instructor

Spencer is from Bellingham, Washington and is currently attending Squalicum High School as a senior. His plan is to go to Grand Canyon University in sunny Arizona and study Physical Therapy. He’s been a lifeguard at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club for two years and starting teaching swim lesson’s there in the summer of 2020. Outside of the pool, Spencer enjoys playing drums and guitar, snowboarding, and spike ball.