Racquetball League

I am putting together a league for spring 2019 and want you to join us!  Some of you may not have played in league in some time, but it’s a great way to get in better shape and reconnect with our racquetball community.  I would really like to see this spring have a great turnout with new players and old. Remember, you do not have to be a member to participate!!  So join us and bring a friend or two along as well. There is a short sign up period, so don’t delay!  You have to sign up by April 12 at our front desk at Cordata. League will run from April 17 through June 12.  It will end before you think about those summer vacations! There will be divisions for beginners through advanced players, so bring in those that are new to the game.  We’ll get them in the correct category! If you have any questions, ask away! Wanda

Cost: $10 for members,  $50 for non members.

Swim Lessons

I hope you are all enjoying your spring break! We just finished the makeup lesson day and are looking forward to another busy round of lessons. To that end, we have added a few classes to our schedule. In addition to the previously scheduled classes, we have added a few extra, since we are welcoming two new teachers to our staff. If you see Miles or Grace around the pool, feel free to introduce yourself and your kiddos! Take a look at the new and improved schedule below – the classes highlighted in purple are new.

April 9th – May 2nd (4 weeks/8 Lessons)
May 7 – 30th (4 weeks/8 Lessons)

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Times: 10am–12pm, 3:30pm–5:30pm, & 6:00pm-8:00pm

We offer adult groups lessons from 7:30 pm-8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as private lessons to meet your personal fitness goals.

Call (360) 676-1800 to sign up!

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Junior Racquetball Lessons

The next Junior Racquetball Lessons will take place the weeks of  April 8,  April 15,  and April 29 (no classes the week of April 22). There will be offerings for all levels. Open to Members and Non Members! Sign up at the Cordata Facility front desk!

Monday/Wednesday 5:00—5:45pm

Monday/Wednesday 4:15—5:00pm OR
Tuesday/Thursday 5:00—5:45pm

Tuesday/Thursday 4:15—5:00pm

$36 – Member
$40 – Child of Member
$45 – Non Member

All classes are taught by Club Pro, Wanda Collins. Wanda has been teaching juniors for 20 years and is currently Director of Junior Development on the board of the Washington Racquetball Assoc.

Makeup Swim Lesson Thursday!

Bellingham Athletic Club - Bellingham SwimmingSince we have had so many weather cancellations this year, we have decided to offer a makeup lesson day! This will take place during spring break, on Thursday (4/4). Since the kids are out of school, we are offering morning and afternoon time slots for lessons. Please give us a call at (360) 676-1800 to sign up! We want to know who will be attending so that we can plan instruction accordingly. This lesson does not cost anything, but one of your pre-existing weather/other credits will be used.

We are also offering extra family swims throughout the week from 10-12, so if you have a family swim pass you haven’t used yet, come play with us! April is Aquatics Month at BAC, so stay tuned for more fun events around the pool.

Press here for the Make-Up Day schedule.

Weight Stacks

At BAC we feature Cybex Selectorized Weight Stack Circuits comprised of VR-1 and VR-3 models.

Cybex VR-1 models have numbered weight stacks and either come with the same size plates in the entire stack or have a graduated weight stack that has smaller plates then transition into larger ones. The numbers on the plates provide an index as to how many plates there are. The plate number does not reflect the amount of weight each plate represents they are for index purposes. Each machine also has an add-on plate that hangs right next to the weight stack to make smaller weight increases.

Cybex VR-3 models have the approximate weight imprinted on plates and progress in 20lb increments. To one side of each stack are 3-round 5lb add on weights to allow 5lb increases prior to moving to the next plate.

Cybex Selectorized Weight Stack Equipment are variable resistance machines, which means as the resistance is lifted the weight changes through the range of motion giving more resistance when you have a mechanical advantage and less resistance when you do not. To allow the machine to efficiently deliver the appropriate resistance through the range of motion the user needs to move the resistance at a slow controlled speed. A typical recommendation is a 2-4 second lift, 1-2 second pause, and a 4-6 second lowering then repeat.

If you have any questions regarding the usage of our Cybex Equipment please see one of our BAC Personal Training Staff. They would be happy to help!

Meet Wanda

Wanda CollinsWanda began playing racquetball competitively in 1980 and has been a top-ranked open player since 1985. She is a long-time Washington’s Women’s Open champion and is on the Washington Racquetball Association board. She is the Club Pro and is available for racquetball lessons and advanced clinics. Wanda spends her “spare” time with her husband, Mike, and their two children, Sarah and Wade. Her offseason is filled with golfing, hiking, camping, and traveling as much as possible.

Swim Lessons

Spring is finally here! We are excited about the change in weather, and to celebrate this shift to the great outdoors, we are highlighting our Aquatics Department for the month of April! To that end, we are running a few extra events and promotions:

Free Trials for Swim Lesson Families: if you sign your kids up for swim lessons this month, grab a free week trial pass from the front desk! BAC is a great place for families who like to stay fit together – we have everything from Basketball to Racquetball to classes and kid-friendly programs.

Introducing: Angelfish II: We have had quite a few students come into the program that is in a strange, in-between levels kind of place. They are too independent in the water for a full-fledged Angelfish class, but may not be cognitively ready to listen and learn for a full 30 minutes independently with an instructor. Angelfish II is designed for those kids between the ages of 2 – 3 who fall into this category!

  • Students will start in the water with a parent for the first few lessons, and as they become more comfortable with the instructors, they will transition into spending more time with their teacher and less time with their parent. This gives us an opportunity to ease the transition between being with a parent and without. For example, a student who is particularly comfortable in the pool may only spend 2 or 3 lessons with the parent in the water the whole time, and then on 4th lesson, the parent would get out of the water after 20 minutes. If they’re still comfortable, on the 5th lesson, the parent may leave after 15 minutes, etc. Of course, this is a moving scale and will be customized to the comfort of your child.
  • We are running this class in the mornings, from 11:30-12:00! As our instructors become trained for this course, we will offer it in the evening as well.
  • Because of the introduction of this level, all students between the age of 2-3 must sign up for an Angelfish class, either I or II. We can no longer make an exception for students under the age of 3 to be in a Beluga class. This is for their safety! If you have any questions about this, please reach out via email or talk to me during lessons. I am happy to make recommendations for individual students.

Finally, we are offering a makeup lesson day next week! Many of you will be out of town, and therefore still eligible for a credit for any missed classes, but if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, we will run a makeup day on Thursday (4/4). I’ll release a lesson schedule for the exact classes for the makeup day this week, so stay tuned on updates there.

April 9th – May 2nd (4 weeks/8 Lessons)
May 7 – 30th (4 weeks/8 Lessons)

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Times: 10am–12pm, 3:30pm–5:30pm, & 6:00pm-8:00pm

We offer adult groups lessons from 7:30 pm-8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as private lessons to meet your personal fitness goals.

Call (360) 676-1800 to sign up!

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Treadmill Q & A

What is the lowest speed the Treadmill begins with?: .5 mph

What is the Highest Speed the Treadmill will run?: 12 mph

What is the Lowest % Grade/Incline the Treadmill will do?: 0% Grade/Incline

What is the Highest % Grade/Incline the Treadmill will do?: 15% *Woodway Performance Treadmill will Incline to 25% Grade.

Once we adapt to our initial treadmill workout intensity what variables can we manipulate to create a progressively challenging workout?:
1. Speed/mph: walk, jog, or run at a faster speed.
2. % Grade/incline: increase the height of the treadmill to walk, jog, or run up an increasingly higher incline.
3. Duration: Increase the amount of time you walk, jog, or run.
4. Load: Increase the amount of weight you carry while walking, jogging, or running i.e. weighted vest.

Trivia: Walking at 1% grade/incline is equivalent to walking on flat ground.