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July Check-In Challenge Winners

Each time you check into BAC from July 1st through July 31st, members became eligible to win our weekly and grand prize! We have had three winners so far!

Week 1 – Marilyn Kuhns
Week 2 – Dave May
Week 3- Christina Mellema

Stay tuned for the winner of Week 4 & the Grand Prize winner!

Equipment Spotlight – Matrix Leg Press

One of our newest pieces the Matrix Leg Press is one of BAC’s most versatile pieces of equipment.

It provides a variety of adjustments with which each user can use to accommodate their size as well as the type of workout they wish to perform.

All the adjustments are highlighted in yellow and there is a menu of all the available adjustments listed above the weight stack.

The Matrix Leg Press features a large foot platform with marked quadrants so that the user may align their feet. It’s seat is adjustable from 180 degrees (flat) to 80 degrees (upright) with adjustable shoulder pads.

To adjust the platform use the yellow handle and knob to the right of the platform. It allows the user to adjust the platform closer or further away depending on the users leg length.

The weight stack resistance ranges from 15 to 305 lbs in 10 lb increments. For smaller increments the 2 lb steel add-on weights maybe be inserted above the weight stack. There are 4 (2 lb) add-on weights located to the left of the weight stack.

The Matrix Leg Press offers a variety of advanced options as well. If you would like to learn more about them or if you would like more instruction on how to use it properly please contact one of BAC’s Training Staff. We would be happy to assist you.

Equipment Spotlight – Hammer Strength Smith Machine

Smith Machine features:

  • 35-lb. rotating Olympic bar.
  • Bar travels on angled guide rods (see figure 3)
  • Bar has rotating safety hooks on each side of the bar that rotate into evenly spaced hooks the entire height of the machine on both sides. (Figure 4 and 5)
  • Uprights spaced evenly a part to allow a bench to be rolled into place for a variety of exercises.

Smith Machine usage:

  • Enter the Smith Machine from the back (Figure 2) so that upright hooks are facing you. This allows you to see the hooks and safely rotate the bar out of
    them and safely rotate them back in securely.
  • Keeping the safety hooks in front of you also allows you to follow the angle of the machine, which is the most efficient for your body.
  • If you have questions, please ask. We would be happy to help.

Employee Spotlight: Lesley Jones

Lesley JonesLesley is both an experienced Personal trainer and Fitness/Pilates Instructor. Her philosophy is helping clients to achieve healthy living through balancing work and family. Lesley firmly believes that making time for Fitness is essential for healthy living. She has also run weight loss clinics teaching clients the importance of sound nutrition and exercise. Lesley works with a wide variety of people of all ages and fitness levels. In her spare time, Lesley spends time with her sons, Luke and Matthew. Lesley also loves to run, bike, read, garden, and work on additional Fitness related certifications.

Equipment Spotlight: Matrix Selectorized Low Row Machine

This Fall, BAC added to its Matrix Line of Selectorized Resistance Training Equipment by adding the Matrix Low Row.  It now gives a very nice additional option to our pulling movement equipment.  The Low Row offers a number of options. First,  it provides a wide-angled plate for stable foot placement. Second, a long-angled seat allowing the legs to drop out of the way so that the arms have an unrestricted range of motion when pulling, Third, the option to use a number of different handles, and Fourth a weight stack that ranges from a starting weight of 12 lbs. to a maximum weight of 312 lbs. in 12 lb. increments. We have been very pleased to add this to our resistance training equipment menu. Our hope is that you will as well! Please consider giving it a test drive. If you have any questions regarding how to operate the Low Row please let us know.

Matrix Selectorized Low Row Machine

Employee Spotlight: Cindy Whitney

Cindy WhitneyI love BAC and have been a member for 16-ish years. I found this gym when my kids were little and knew I needed to take care of myself, get out of the house, and shower uninterrupted, lol!

I love group classes: the comradery, the accountability, the challenge, the competitiveness, the support, and taking the guesswork out of trying to figure out your own workout.

I fell into teaching by instructors telling me I should be teaching (and they needed subs). I subbed here and there for Zumba & Dance Jam as well, then got a little push with extra cash for subbing from a dear Zumba instructor to take my Zumba training. I also did a beach body training, got my Group Exercise/Bootcamp Certification from ASFA, and did a bunch of extra Zumba trainings that help with CECs and keeping things fresh.

Employee Spotlight: Heather Calloway

Hi! I am Heather Calloway and I have been a group fitness instructor here at BAC for the past 20+ years. Over the years I have taught many different types of classes for the club from insanity, to ripped, boot camp, cycle and pretty much everything in between. Currently, I am teaching power pump (strength-based class) and TBC (typically it is stations with a combination of strength and cardio). I enjoy teaching to all fitness levels!

When I am not at the club (I am one of the early birds at 5:30 in the morning) I work as a full-time legal assistant. On the weekends, you will find me watching my 14-year-old son, Hunter, play sports or on the golf course with my husband, Lance. I also enjoy taking my 2 dogs Ruby and Gracie for long walks.

I hope to see you around the club!

Sign up now for Fall Swim Lessons

Our next session of Swim Lessons starts October 4. This session consists of 8 lessons, on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Registration opens one week before the start of each session. Click here to view ALL Fall Swim Lesson Sessions.

Annual Club Closure Information

We hope you are enjoying your final weeks of summer, but please be aware that our annual club closure is approaching.

Sunday, August 28th the whole club will be closed just for one day.

Sunday, August 28th through Monday, September 5th the pool will be closed for refinishing. Look for the pool to reopen after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 6th. Remember the pool can tend to be a bit cooler on the first days of reopening.

I think we are getting our feet under us, as we have better learned our way around our new Antaris software, we will also have some updates from them that will enable us to better serve you.

Swim Lessons will start up again following our pool shutdown on September 6th. Signups for those in lessons begin on August 18th, and open to the public on August 23. Call the Front Desk to enroll.

Thanks to everyone for your patience with our software conversion, we are glad to be past the hardest part of the learning curve!