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BAC has been a local athletic club supporting our community for over 40 years, we are passionate about getting Whatcom County moving and helping you discover the joy of fitness. We’re not interested in signing members up and rarely seeing them, to us that means we have failed. We want our members to know that they belong to a club that cares about them and their goals, and will do whatever it takes to help them be successful. Whether it’s a member who has a general concern for their health, or a specific goal of being able to complete their bucket list, or an athlete training for a “Big Event” we have the expertise to guide you. If your current gym isn’t meeting your needs or your home program has gone sideways…come see us. We pledge to make the transition to Bellingham Athletic Club easy.

Membership Options

Memberships are available for singles, couples, families, seniors and students. Memberships are available in three levels, Platinum, Gold and Bronze. Platinum memberships include full access to the club, up to 4 fitness assessments per year per adult, shower towel service, lock service provided by the front desk, orientations on all the equipment, Free Activtrax, discounts on personal lockers, and pro shop purchases. Platinum memberships also include leave of absence privileges for $10 per month and provide a choice of email or electronic billing. Gold memberships include full access to the club, orientations on all the equipment, 21-day trial of Activtrax, and require memberships to be billed electronically. Bronze membership includes limited use of the club, EFT required.  No access to pool, court sports or group exercise classes.

Encouraging employees to seek a healthy lifestyle could be one of the smartest move an employer can make. At Bellingham Athletic Club, our members’ health, fitness and overall quality of life are very important to us. Providing your employees with a corporate health club can reduce your health care costs, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve employee job satisfaction.

If you are looking for a great return on your money, studies show investing in your employees’ health is a wise move. Statistics show that not only do the employees benefit from a healthier lifestyle, but also the employer reaps the benefits of happier, healthier employees listed previously.

Why Bellingham Athletic Club over the other gyms? As Bellingham’s premier fitness facility you are offering your employees a premium membership at discounted rates. Employees will be more encouraged to use the club and benefit from exercise with increased use. Also, with so much more to do and get involved in, such as racquetball, basketball, swimming, aerobic classes, kids activities, spinning classes, spa facilities and top-notch personal trainers to help, you will motivate more of your employees to participate, stay active and involved.

To start your own corporate plan is fairly easy and of no cost to your business, although we do encourage businesses to subsidize the memberships for the employees participating. BAC requires that you maintain at least 5 or more memberships to receive the corporate discounts. Corporate plans will include reduced monthly dues and discounted joining fee. With our billing office being local we have the ability to bill memberships out in a variety of ways to fit almost any business plan.

If you are interested in improving your employees’ wellness program, please contact our member services office at 676-1800 to see how you can get started.

Healthier employees have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line…They have lower health care costs and turnover rates, improved productivity, better morale, fewer medical claims, reduced absenteeism, etc. The result is a win/win situation for individual health and company gain.
-The Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise (IHRSA, 1999)

Thank you for your interest in Bellingham Athletic Club.  If you fill out the information below, we will send you a one-week VIP pass so that you can try out our facility, and we will contact you about setting up a tour of our facility.  You'll be glad you did!

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