Holiday Hours

Cordata Club hours over the holidays:

Thursday December 24                     7:00am-1:00pm

Friday December 25                          CLOSED                     MERRY CHRISTMAS

Saturday December 26                      7:00am-1:00pm

Thursday December 31                     7:00am-1:00pm

Friday January 1, 2021                      7:00am-1:00pm           HAPPY NEW YEAR

Saturday January 2, 2021                 7:00am-1:00pm

Best wishes from BAC to  you and yours to have a healthy and happy Holiday,


Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

I want to remind you of our decades long support of the Marine sponsored Toys for Tots program.  This year more than any other there is a need to provide a little cheer to our youngest Whatcom County residents.  Please bring a new unwrapped toy to drop off at Cordata.  With Covid restrictions the time frame is much shorter this year, all toys need to be delivered to us by December 15th.  BAC members have been so supportive and generous in the past, let’s not let down the Marines this year! 

Covid-19 Restrictions

We are very sorry to report that the restrictions have been extended on our clubs due to rising COVID cases. These will remain in effect until the Governor lifts restrictions, hopefully in February. The Downtown Club will be closed starting Tuesday, November 17. The Cordata Club will be operating on a very restricted basis with exercise by appointment only. Email us at or call at (360) 676-1800.

Covid-19 Procedures Reminder

We require each member to wear masks coming into the clubs, but they are not required during vigorous exercise as per the Governor’s Guidelines.  The following procedures are in place:

1.  Members disinfect their hands at the Front Desk upon entry social distance upon entry;
2.  Members have their temperature checked;
3.  Members record their temperature and acknowledge the absence of any COVID 19 symptoms;
4.  Members pick up spray bottle and rag to disinfect anything they touch before and after use;
5.  Members pick up placards to place on either side of themselves while exercising to maintain social distance;
6.  Members return bottles, rags, and placards to the Front Desk for disinfecting before next use; and
7.  Members check out with the Front Desk so we know who is in the club at all times.

The Downtown Club has a mask required during all times M-F 10-12pm.  This has been working really well for us if you have any further questions feel free to ask.


Updated Hours

Dear valued BAC members, 

Thanks so much for hanging in there with us as we battle to make it through this COVID craziness.  We are trying to make good decisions to allow more and more of you to come back into the club.  We have added more in-person Group Fitness classes and we are going to expand Cordata Club hours Monday through Friday from 7pm to 8pm beginning next Monday October 19th.  We have had a number of members unable to fit exercise in after work, so hopefully this will help.  We are awaiting the Governor’s decision to move from Phase 2 to Phase 3 and 4.  As I see more and more of you in the club as of late, it gives me hope that we will be able to weather this storm and look back and say ”Whew!  We made it through!”

I want to thank all of you using the club for your conscientious following of all our COVID 19 guidelines, you have allowed us to stay open and not let  one case of COVID into our club.  Everyone–remember to keep exercising, eat well and get adequate sleep, these all help keep your immune system strong and able to combat anything that comes your way.

 Respectfully, Cathy

Labor Day Hours

Labor Day – Monday, September 7th, 2020

Cordata 7:00 am – 1:00 pm, closing at 1:00 pm for the rest of the day.
Downtown will be closed.
Back to regular limited hours on Tuesday, September 8th.

Mandatory Masks

We have had some members worried about the non-wearing of masks during vigorous exercise. One of the suggestions was to have mask mandatory times at the club; so we are going to try this at the Downtown club. Monday through Friday from 10 am – Noon masks will be required the entire time you are in the club. We’ll see how this goes. For those who are immune-compromised or in a high-risk group, this will provide some added assurance. As always your feedback is much appreciated.

Otherwise, keep in mind our policy as of June 26th: Governor Inslee has mandated masks be worn in all indoor and outdoor public spaces. We are a private club, and we are checking temperatures and health status before every member’s club use. Please wear masks while moving about the club, with the exception of during intense exercise. Be sure to use the placards during cardio machine use to enforce social distancing, feel free to block out as many machines as necessary to ensure adequate space for your exercise session.

Member Update

Dear Members,

There have been concerns with the Governor’s statements yesterday, that there has been a change to our status as far as the guidance under Phase 2 for operations here at the club.  Not to worry, we are in full compliance with the guidelines with how we reopened and continue to operate both clubs, continuing to screen each member and staff as they enter the facility and limiting access.  But we have had some members worried about the non-wearing of masks during vigorous exercise.  One of the suggestions was to have mask mandatory times at the club; so we are going to try this at the Downtown club- Monday through Friday from 10 am-Noon, masks will be required the entire time you are in the club.  We’ll see how this goes, for those who are immune-compromised or in a high-risk group this will provide some added assurance.  As always your feedback is much appreciated.

More Water Exercise Classes

We are adding some more Aqua fitness classes available with 3-day advanced reservations starting Monday, August 3rd.  Jill will be teaching Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00 pm and Fridays 8:30 am and 9:30 am.  This will double our capacity for the very popular classes.  Thank you, Jill! 

Don’t forget our online and live group exercise schedule, we are working hard to respond to the suggestions of our membership, look for yoga with Michal to be added soon.

Some Good News

I wanted to share some positive news regarding the COVID19 virus.  Whatcom County through their drive-through testing sites released some interesting data: They tested just under 1900 Whatcom County residents, with only 1% of the tests coming back positive.  Only 1%!  That is encouraging; with the statewide number which has also continued its downward trend is sitting at about 5.4% now.   Also looking at data from the Washington Department of Health COVID 19 Dashboard gives us some more good news; as the number of cases has indeed gone up – the hospitalization rate is half of what it was in April, and the death rate continues to go down even as the number of cases increases.  I encourage everyone to go to the website and take a look at the epidemiological curves; it helps put things into perspective.  I can’t help but be heartened, what can I say; I’m a glass half full type of gal!

 Respectfully, Cathy

New Downtown Hours

Our downtown location hours will change effective Monday, July 13th. We shifted the morning hours to Monday-Friday 6am-12pm, 12-3pm break, 3-7pm. The Saturday hours will remain the same (7am-1pm). Cordata hours will stay the same and closed Sundays.