Bellingham Athletic Club

Annual Club Closure Information

We hope you are enjoying your final weeks of summer, but please be aware that our annual club closure is approaching.

Sunday, August 28th the whole club will be closed just for one day.

Sunday, August 28th through Monday, September 5th the pool will be closed for refinishing. Look for the pool to reopen after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 6th. Remember the pool can tend to be a bit cooler on the first days of reopening.

I think we are getting our feet under us, as we have better learned our way around our new Antaris software, we will also have some updates from them that will enable us to better serve you.

Swim Lessons will start up again following our pool shutdown on September 6th. Signups for those in lessons begin on August 18th, and open to the public on August 23. Call the Front Desk to enroll.

Thanks to everyone for your patience with our software conversion, we are glad to be past the hardest part of the learning curve!

New Club Management Software

As if we didn’t have enough change this Spring, our Club management system is migrating from CSI to a company called Antaris beginning May 1st.  So be patient with us as we all get trained on the new software.  For members it will mean you will need to book swim lanes through the Front desk for the next few days.  CSI will no longer support any online payments or bookings.  Look for new online credentials to be emailed to all members next week.

Please be kind and patient with our Front Desk staff as we navigate our way through closing the Downtown Club and learning to use our new software.

We are glad to welcome all the Downtown members to Cordata, we are working on getting everything arranged–so bear with us as we move things around a bit.  New carpet is coming for the upstairs next week Wednesday, so be prepared to access the upstairs through the cardio room instead of the main staircase.

Bittersweet News for Downtown

Here’s hoping Covid is waning and we can get some semblance of our lives back.  As many of you know we have been in protracted negotiations on the lease for the Downtown Club.  The building is changing hands and getting answers has been very difficult.  There are a variety of problems beside the terms and the cost of the lease:  The homeless who are lingering, sleeping, and etc. all around the exterior walls of 1616 Cornwall ever since the Base Camp went in across the street have been a big problem.  We have been unable to get any solutions out of the city.  Also many will remember the floods of the Fall, which have been a repeated problem over time.  And of course Covid — 19,20,21,  and 22 has depleted our Downtown membership.

All this by way of expressing that the era of the Downtown Club is coming to an end, we will be closing the Downtown facility on March 31st.  All equipment will be auctioned off through James G Murphy Co.   They are well known in the area and respected.  The auction will be held the first part of April.  If you are interested in purchasing any equipment that is where it will be available.  We would love all of you to transition back out to the Meridian location, but understand that is not convenient for everyone.  Please let membership know as soon as possible what your intentions are.  There will be no 30-day notice to cancel.  But be sure to contact us, as we can’t guess what you might like to do.  The best way is to email with your intentions.

The good news is that we have been working on the Cordata facility and will continue to do so.  We have shower dividers coming for the men’s locker rooms.  We are adding weight equipment to the back of the cardio room, and plan on using the proceeds from the Downtown auction to purchase some new equipment for Cordata.  The women’s main locker room is having a facelift, installing wood lockers and adding a lounge area complete with couch, chairs and TV.  We will be expanding floor areas upstairs for more small group training and stretching areas.

We are very excited to be focusing our attention back at Cordata where everything began in 1975.  Cordata has always been the driver of business here at BAC; with the pool and the courts providing a variety of options for adults and families alike.  We will be expanding hours and programming soon at Cordata, we are looking to a more robust Group Ex schedule of classes, and adding more Kids Club hours (as long as we can find staff), as well as more Family Swim times.  Stay tuned for all the great happenings here at BAC –Cordata!  Looking forward to seeing you all here at the club!


Current Covid Guidelines & Summer Updates

Well here we are entering the second summer of COVID.  Though things are looking up, we are awaiting moving to the lifting of all restrictions.  As we have been gathering information from our membership, we are comfortable in saying that 80% of our membership currently using the club has been fully vaccinated!  That is absolutely great news.  We feel a little like a bear coming out of hibernation; in that we are slowly adding more and more exercise options. 

Current COVID policies:  Fully vaccinated members do not need to wear masks at all, if you are unvaccinated please mask up on the way in; reservations are still required for class participation and pool lanes. 


6/14/21                Beginner Racquetball Clinic @ 6:15 pm

6/23/21                Summer Racquetball League starts—call the Front Desk to sign up

In the Pool

6/16/21                Wednesday 8:30 am Water Aerobics with Tish

6/17/21                Thursday 9:00 am Aqua Zumba with Cindy

Kids Club

We are currently awaiting guidance from the Governor on drop-in daycare rules.  We are planning on opening Kids Club with reservations Monday, July 12th.  If you are interested in using Kids Club, let us know what times would be the best.  We generally plan KC hours around Group Ex classes.  As we add more classes we will add more Kids Club hours. 

Group Exercise Classes

6/14/21                Monday 5:30pm Power Pump with Heather

We will add classes as the existing classes fill up, let us know if there is an offering you would like. 


For our Downtown members, we are so sorry to be experiencing the closure of our locker rooms due to a failure of our sewer system.  Supply chain issues have impacted our ability to replace a pump required to pump up to the city sewer line.  We have had 4 different plumbing outfits in to help, to no avail.  Please understand we are working on it.  We are mortified at having to close the locker rooms again!  Thank you for your patience.

Downtown Club Opens

Good News!  With infection rates still declining and vaccination rates increasing it looks like we will be able to stay in Phase 2 for an extended period of time. That allows us to open up the Downtown Club effective TODAY!  We are so excited to be able to open the doors of the Downtown Club for our member’s workouts.

We will start with modified hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00am-12:00pm and 3:00pm-7pm.  Masks will be mandatory at all times during the morning hours (even when working out).  Masks will be required in all common areas and when not vigorously exercising, during the afternoon session (just like the policy at Cordata). Though we are able to open the exercise floor for member use, it appears from all of our research that we will still have to keep the locker rooms closed until we get further guidance from the Governor.  We will expand hours as the demand arises.

For right now the only In-person Class will be Lesley’s Strong and Stable which will require prior registration. We want to thank all of you members who have supported us throughout this past year, it has been so important to us.  We do foresee a time when we will have both clubs back in full swing in the not too distant future.  We are hoping that more and more of you are able to get the vaccine.   We can’t wait to see you back in the club!

Whatcom County is Moving to Phase 2!!!

Whatcom County will move into Phase 2, Monday February 15, which will mean we can operate BAC at  25% capacity!  Class size for all In-Person Group Exercise will be moved to 8 participants; Water Aerobics classes will allow 12 participants. Racquetball/Handball courts are open and available as well!

The best part is that we will no longer have to reserve spots for general club usage on the exercise floors.  We will continue with the social distancing policy; please respect the masking rule throughout the club, unless strenuously exercising. Spray bottles for cleaning equipment, and placecards to ensure space around you, are still available by the front desk.  Most importantly, please stay home if you are not feeling well.

If we continue to stay in Phase 2 for Whatcom County we will look at re-opening the Downtown Club with limited hours; and with a mandatory mask always policy.  I foresee this happening in March as long as we don’t bounce back out of Phase 2.

Thanks everyone for your continued support as we navigate our way through these crazy times.

Holiday Hours

Cordata Club hours over the holidays:

Thursday December 24                     7:00am-1:00pm

Friday December 25                          CLOSED                     MERRY CHRISTMAS

Saturday December 26                      7:00am-1:00pm

Thursday December 31                     7:00am-1:00pm

Friday January 1, 2021                      7:00am-1:00pm           HAPPY NEW YEAR

Saturday January 2, 2021                 7:00am-1:00pm

Best wishes from BAC to  you and yours to have a healthy and happy Holiday,


Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

I want to remind you of our decades long support of the Marine sponsored Toys for Tots program.  This year more than any other there is a need to provide a little cheer to our youngest Whatcom County residents.  Please bring a new unwrapped toy to drop off at Cordata.  With Covid restrictions the time frame is much shorter this year, all toys need to be delivered to us by December 15th.  BAC members have been so supportive and generous in the past, let’s not let down the Marines this year!