Rollga foam rolling hip, back, neck

Rollga foam rolling hip, back, neck series:

Hip bridge for tissue around sacral spine.













Piriformis for tissue release in the hip rotators.













Mid-back for tissue release between the shoulder blades.













Neck for tissue release for the cervical spine.













10 to 20 rolls of each position. Pain should be less than a 4 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being no pain 10 being intense pain). These exercises can be performed on a daily basis.

The Matrix S-Drive Treadmill

“A Different Kind of Push-Pull!”

– Self-Powered
– 7% fixed grade
– Front push bar for sled push
– Sled brake with eight settings provides a true-to-life weighted sled pushing experience
– Parachute brake with 11 settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance
– Both BAC locations
Stop by both clubs to give it a try! For instruction and demonstration please talk to one of the BAC Training Staff!

Attention smartphone users!

Attention smartphone users!  You can now download the Rollga App for your phone!! On this new app you will find the latest information on how to receive the most benefit from foam rolling with the Rollga. Video and articles right on your phone to help walk you through the process. For iphone users go to the app store and for android users go to the google store and download the Rollga free app. BAC Personal Trainers are also available to help you with the exercises as well as help you select the Rollga density level that is best for you. Get started with Rollga today with the Rollga App!!!

Acumobility Ball and the Rollga Foam Roller

Here at BAC we continually look for unique products which we feel can enhance our clients and members health. Two such products can be found in our BAC Pro Shop, the Acumobility Ball and the Rollga Foam Roller. These unique products take tissue mobility work to the next level of effectiveness. The Acumobility balls base, texture, and density give it a distinct advantage over using a lacrosse, tennis, or therapy type ball. Where as the Rollga and its specifically designed contours fit your skeletal structure allowing you to access the soft tissue more effectively then a conventional foam roller. You will immediately notice the difference, so if you are looking for an effective soft tissue tool the Acumobility ball and Rollga are a must have! If have questions regarding either product please speak to a member of our BAC Personal Training staff.


Equalizer Single Bar Row

For the equalizer single bar row, lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. The Equalizer should be placed above you with the feet of the Equalizer on either side of your rib cage and with the top aligned with your mid-chest. Grasp the bends on the top bar with an overhand grip. Lift your hips off the floor into a hip bridge position. While maintaining the hip bridge pull yourself up toward the top bar. Pause then lower yourself back down toward the floor and repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions. For variation you may also use an underhand grip or an alternating grip.

Equalizer Single Bar Chest Press

For the single bar chest press, set one Equalizer Bar on its side on the floor. The round end should be at the bottom closest to you and the open end should be facing away. Grasp the sides of the Equalizer bar with your hands parallel to each other. To perform the Chest Press you may either begin on your knees in a modified push-up position or with your legs extended in a standard push-up position. Lower yourself down toward the floor maintaining alignment of your spine. Your chest will be about a fist width off the floor in the bottom position. Great cue is to lead with your “Belly Button”. Press your body back up to its starting position again while maintaining body alignment. Great cue is to lead with your “Mid-back”. Repeat the movement for prescribed amount of repetitions.

Equalizer Dip

Take two Equalizers and place them side by side. Stand in between the Equalizers then bend down and grasp the foam portion of each handle. Place both feet outside the Equalizers just on the other side of the front feet. Knees are bent and the arms should be straight. Lower your body down between the equalizers
by bending the elbows. Make sure not to lower yourself down any further than 90 degrees of your upper arm. Extend your arms lifting your body back up then repeat. In this position you may if needed use your legs to assist you.

Equalizer Tandem Chest Press

Place two Equalizers parallel to each other. You can brace them against a wall for more stability or use them in open space. When standing bend forward and place on hand on each Equalizer on the curved end. Place yourself in a push-up position with your head aligned with your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. You should have a neutral spine. For better balance and stability you can spread your legs a part to about shoulder width. If you would like more difficulty bring your feet together. Lower your body down to the handles until your upper arms are parallel to your sides and then press your body back up to the starting position. Remember to maintain posture throughout the movement. Another great core and upper body exercise!

Equalizer Tandem Row

Take two Equalizers and place them side by side. Lay down on your back between both equalizers with the knees bent and feet flat on floor. Grasp the foam handles and then lift the hips off the ground in a bridging position. While engaging the shoulders pull your body up until your upper arms are parallel to your body and then return to the hanging bridge position then repeat. Your body should remain in alignment throughout the entire motion, head, shoulders and hips. Great body weight exercise that utilizes your core and upper body muscles!