Referral Month

Existing members may receive a discount on their dues when they refer a new member. The new member must sign up for a monthly membership with joining fees or 12 month contract. (Not student or temporary memberships.) The existing member may then receive a $2 monthly credit to their current account*. The more they refer the more credit they can earn, up to $10 per month savings on their dues. March is referral month where members can pick-up VIP passes for potential members to try the club for 2 weeks. VIP passes can be picked up from any of our member services representatives at either club.

Member refers 1 member $46-$2=$44/month +tax
Member refers 2 members $46-$4=$42/month +tax

Our March special will give new members an opportunity to join with No Joining Fee and they can get
their first 30 days free with a 12 month contract. Great savings to kick off their road to fitness.

Friday Night Out

Take back your Friday nights by signing your children up for Friday Night Out! Our Front Desk staff can provide you with dates that FNO is scheduled and as long as there are 5 children signed up by 2pm a memorable night will certainly take place. This program runs from 6:30pm-10:00pm and is open to children as young as 6 months and up to 10 years old. The evening will consist of games/crafts, swimming (age appropriate) and a movie! Contact our Cordata Front desk for more information on prices or to get signed up! Non-members are always welcome!

Tai Chi Workshop

New session begins March 18th!
If you’re interested in learning the basic principles of Tai Chi movement, wish to have a gentle workout, and learn and practice a Tai Chi form, you may wish to attend this basic introductory 4-week class. You can sign-up on the waiting list at both club locations.
Minimum 6 Participants.
When: 4 Wednesdays
Where: BAC Cordata
Time: 10:45-11:45am
Cost: $40 Members / $50 Non Members
Join others for the benefits of Tai Chi. Balance, relaxation, coordination, strengthening and vitality. This is a 5 week workshop, Wednesday mornings at the Downtown facility. See the Front Desk for sign ups

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of martial arts. It is a mind-body, self-healing system that uses movement, meditation, and breathing to improve health and well-being.

Research has shown tai chi is useful as a form of exercise that may improve posture, balance, muscle mass and tone, flexibility, stamina, and strength in older adults. Tai chi is also recognized as a method to reduce stress that can provide the same cardiovascular benefits as moderate exercise, such as lowered heart rate and blood pressure.

People who practice the deep breathing and physical movements of tai chi report it makes them feel more relaxed, younger, agile, and helps their circulation. Its slow, graceful movements, accompanied by rhythmic breathing ,relaxes the body as well as the mind. Research has found that Tai Chi can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. There is also evidence that Tai Chi is particularly suited for older adults, or for others who are not physically strong or healthy. Proponents claim tai chi balances the flow of vital energy or life force called chi, which serves to prevent illness, improve general health, and extend life. It is also based on the theory of yin and yang.

Tai chi students begin by learning a series of gentle, deliberate movements called forms. Each form contains between 20 to 100 moves, and requires up to 20 minutes to complete. Each form derives its name from nature, for example, “Wave Hands Like Clouds,” or “Grasping the Bird’s Tail.” In order to balance the yin and yang, the movements are practiced in pairs of opposites. Tai chi relies entirely on technique rather than strength or power.

2015 NW Open

What: Washington State’s biggest racquetball tournament of the year
When: March 12th-15th, 2015
Who: Open to any and all racquetball players from around the country.
Where: Bellingham Athletic Club & Ferndale YMCA for Saturday!

Don’t miss this one! Each year we host around 150 racquetball players from around the country; participants come from Oregon, California, and even Hawaii. There is an auction that takes place on Saturday to raise money for the Washington Junior Racquetball Association.
• We even offer prize money in the top draws!
• We will need volunteers to help with the auction, serve food or other miscellaneous tasks; let Jessie or Brian know if you are interested in helping out.
• We are trying to save time and paper by limiting the amount of paper entries that come through, in our efforts to do so, BAC members are able to get $5 off by entering online! 
• The R2 sports tournament website is up and accepting sign-ups. There is NOT a credit card fee to sign up online!

2015 Winter Shootout Recap

The Infusion Solutions Winter Shootout brought in 59 participants this year. The smaller turnout allowed us to be on
time all weekend with only one court mishap on Saturday afternoon! Everyone got lots of playing time and we managed
to escape the weekend with minimal injuries. As most of the participants were BAC members these are the results:
Men’s Open Singles:
2nd-Jeremy Disch
3rd-Devin Drury
4th-Tracy Drury
Men’s Elite Singles:
1st-Ryan Lawson
2nd-Hollie Scott
Men’s A Singles:
3rd-Kai Coble
Consolation-Nick Villa
Men’s C Singles:
1st-Tyler Burns
2nd-Brian Miller
Women’s A/B Singles:
2nd-Karin Hoekema
Women’s C/D Singles:
1st-Mary Baldwin
3rd-Tina Lopez
Men’sOpen/Elite Doubles:
1st-Jeremy Disch/Scott Wheeler
2nd-Devin Drury/Tracy Drury
3rd Jon Duryee/Keith Turley
Men’s A Doubles:
1st-Dave Hammers/Brian Dunbar
2nd-Gary Olson/Monte Maberry
3rd-Andy Andrewson/Sonny Mauricio
Men’s B Doubles:
1st-Mike Morones/Sonny Mauricio
3rd-Nick Villa/Norm Guthrie
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles:
1st-Devin Drury/Hollie Scott
2nd-Jon Duryee/Hollie Scott
3rd-Gary Olson/Diana Hambley
Mixed A Doubles:
1st Karin Hoekema/Ken Swanson
2nd-Nick Birnel/Rowena Birnel
3rd-Andy Andrewson/Kate McKinney
Mixed B/C Doubles:
1st-Kelli Holz/Tyler Burns
2nd-Diana Guthrie/Pat Stevenson
3rd-Tina Lopez/Rod Jackson
Women’s B/C/D Doubles:
1st-Diana Guthrie/Marylou Gremes

Seahawks Spirit Week!

All BAC members:
Help us celebrate Seahawks Spirit Week! We encourage all fans to wear their Seahawk apparel all week. Come in dressed to the “12”’s and get rewarded! We will be having drawings all week for best dressed and awards for answering trivia questions at the Front Desk. We are capping off the week with a live radio remote featuring KAFE personalities broadcasting from 9:00AM-12:00 in our Cordata lobby on Saturday January
31st during our Big Game Tailgate party. There will be food, prizes and drawings all morning long. Please invite friends and family, Non Members welcome!

Joining special offered just at the time of event! Best saving ever!

Special Saturday Jan 31st Programs:
Seahawks Costume Pool party Water Exercise Class – 9:00am
Cordata 12th Man Jam Master class: 9:30am -10:30am
Morning Family Swim: 10:00am-11:00am
Noodle Boat Building Contest: 11:00am-12:00pm
Great Sliders from Bare Bones Bar-B-Q
Stay tuned for more programming throughout the week and on Saturday January 31st.

BAC is Turning 40!

As we move into 2015 Bellingham Athletic Club is so excited to be celebrating our Fortieth year of providing great fitness opportunities for all of Whatcom County! Forty years of watching fitness grow and change. Leotards and leg warmers, sweat bands and big hair, very short shorts and small racquetball rackets; a lot of fond memories and favorite trends, what a ride we have had! We need to hear from you…We are proud to have been a part of your lives over all these years. To help us celebrate all the memories we are looking for stories from you, our members. I was touring a couple who were interested in membership, and the husband piped up as we were walking down the racquetball hallway, “I remember coming here when I was little, I went to kids club and took swimming lessons “. That of course, was an easy sell, they felt so comfortable here, it already felt like family, and that’s how we feel too. We have been part of a lot of our member’s lives for a very long time. We would love to hear from you, funny stories; important moments, who met their spouse here, formed new friendships, or rediscovered old friends? We are also looking for any old photos, BAC has gone through a number of remodels, as well as staff, we would love any pictures you have to help us decorate and celebrate our Forty Years of Fitness. If you feel comfortable sharing just shoot us an email, or stop us in the club to relay the stories, or drop off photos at either Front Desk. Thank you all for being such loyal customers, we’ll be having drawings for prizes and dues credits for the best submissions. Keep an eye out in the year’s newsletters and bulletin boards for celebration info.
Cathy Buckley

Holiday Hours

Friday, December 19th
Both Clubs close at 5pm (BAC Christmas Party)


Wednesday, December 24th
Cordata 5:30-2:00pm
Downtown 5:00-2:00pm
Regular classes both clubs until 2pm


Thursday, December 25th
Merry Christmas!
Both clubs closed


Friday, December 26th
Cordata 7:00am-7:00pm
Kids Club 8:00am-12:00pm
Downtown 7:00am-2:00pm
Holiday Class at Cordata 9-10am (all other classes canceled)


Saturday, December 27th
Regular club hours
Regular Class Schedule (no water aerobics)


Wednesday, December 31st
Both clubs close at 5:00pm
Regular classes until Close


Thursday, January 1st
Happy New Year!
Cordata 7:00am-7:00pm
Kids Club 8am-12:00
Downtown 7am-2pm
No classes either club


Friday, January 2nd
Cordata 7:00am-7:00pm
Kids Club 8:00am-12:00
New Year class at Cordata (all other classes canceled)
Regular Water Aerobic Schedule (subject to change)
Downtown 7am-2pm
No classes

Jingle Bell Master Class

BAC’s Annual Jingle Bell Master Class!!!
Saturday, Dec. 13th – 9:00 – 10:15 A.M.
Our opportunity to give BAC to local families in need for the holidays. Class includes: Zumba, Jazzercise, RIPPED, Pilates, Yoga, Strength & Stretch. Taught by BAC Group Ex. Instructors and open to everyone! So bring your friends & family for a suggested donation of $20. Lots of door prizes, snacks, fun and fitness! Hope we see you there!

Fall Classic Recap

We had 85 participants from Washington and Canada participate in the Fall Classic Racquetball Tournament this year. We gave away festive awards including: 24 turkeys, 22 pumpkin pies, 20 bags of potatoes and 11 bags of rolls! We had a great weekend. A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors, Kris Fykerud at Oasys, Rod Jackson at Industrial Supply, & Paul Carlson at Carlson Steel, we couldn’t have done it without you guys! As usual BAC members represented well this weekend and placed as follows:

Men’s Open 1st Place: Jake Birnel
Men’s Open Consolation: Taylor Disch
Men’s Elite 1st Place: Ryan Lawson
Men’s Elite 2nd Place: Triston Guthrie
Men’s A 2nd Place: Nick Villa
Men’s B 1st Place: Dean Hendrickson
Men’s C/D 1st Place: Brian Miller
Men’s 55+ 1st Place: Gary Olson
Women’s A/B 1st Place: Karissa Francis
Women’s A/B 2nd Place: Karin Hoekema
Women’s C/D 1st Place: MaryLou Gremes
Men’s Open/Elite Doubles 1st Place: Don & Jake Birnel
Men’s Open/Elite Doubles 2nd Place: Tracy & Devin Drury
Men’s Open/Elite Doubles Consolation: Taylor Disch & Tony Lopez
Men’s A Doubles 3rd Place: Monte Maberry & Nick Villa
Men’s A Doubles Consolation: Kris Fykerud & Mike Morones
Men’s B Doubles 1st Place: Mike Morones & Norman Guthrie
Men’s C/D Doubles 1st Place: Mark Handley & Rod Jackson
Women’s C/D Doubles 1st Place: Diana Guthrie & Marylou Gremes
Women’s C/D Doubles 2nd Place: Amy Butler & Stefanie Erickson
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles 1st Place: Taylor Disch & Hollie Scott
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles 2nd Place: Don Birnel & Wanda Collins
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles 3rd Place: Jon Duryee & Lori Turley
Mixed A Doubles 2nd Place: Lori Turley & Rowena Birnel
Mixed A Doubles 3rd Place: Ken Swanson & Karin Hoekema
Mixed B/C Doubles 1st Place: Norm & Diana Guthrie
Mixed B/C Doubles 2nd Place: Josh & Karissa Francis
Mixed B/C Doubles Consolation: Dave & Amy Butler