Bellingham Athletic Club

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About BAC

Our goals at BAC are…

  • To provide a clean, safe, friendly, and fun athletic facility
  • To treat our members and staff with the utmost respect and care
  • To offer the very latest in training, equipment, and techniques so that members can get the very most out of their time spent here
  • To be an active, concerned, and contributing member of our community by donating our time and talents to various charitable causes throughout Whatcom County
  • To contribute to the community our knowledge, expertise, and leadership in the area of physical fitness and to educate and promote an active and healthy way of life.



  • Aerobic and Fitness Association of American certified aerobics instructors and personal trainers
  • American Council on Exercise certified aerobics instructors and personal trainers
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association certified strength coaches
  • AmPro certified racquetball pro and racquetball instructors
  • Swim Lessons taught by American Red Cross certified instructors

Various policies in place at Bellingham Athletic Club for the protection of its members and the use of its facilities.

  1. All members must show their card at the front desk upon entering the facility. If your card has been lost or misplaced, you will be asked to leave your driver’s license or some other form of picture I.D. at the desk. If you have determined that the card has been lost, then you will need to purchase a replacement card.
  2. Membership cards and privileges are non-transferable.
  3. Shirts, shoes, and appropriate attire must be worn in the club at all times. Absolutely no marking rubber-soled shoes will be allowed in the gym or racquetball courts.
  4. Safety Approved eye guards are mandatory while playing racquetball.
  5. No one under 16 years of age is allowed on the fitness floor without permission from the Fitness Director. For children 9 to 15 years of age to use the rest of the facility, they must attend our Junior Orientation classes which teach children to safely use the equipment.
  6. No one under 16 years of age is allowed in the main locker rooms. Children, young adults, and families may use the pool locker rooms.
  7. No one under 16 years of age may use the pool or spa except during family swim time when there is a lifeguard present. Children under 6 must be able to pass a swim test to the satisfaction of the lifeguard or be accompanied by an adult who is in the pool with them.
  8. All personal locks must be removed from the day-use lockers by the end of the day. All day-issued lockers will be emptied after closing each night.
  9. Showers are mandatory before entering the pool or spas.
  10. Lost or stolen items, parking lot damage, accidents, or theft are not the responsibility of BAC. Please remember to lock up your valuables. Lost and found articles will be held two weeks and then donated to charity.
  11. Please show courtesy to your fellow members on the fitness floor by adhering to the following rules:
    • Observe 30 minute time limit on cardiovascular machines when people are waiting.
    • Do not cut in front of people on the Keiser or Cybex circuit unless there are at least two machines between you and other patrons.
    • Return all weights, bars, and equipment to their proper place when you are finished.
    • Wipe down the machines after use.
  12. Your billing statement will be e-mailed out at the end of every month and is due by the 25th of every month. A $10 late fee will be assessed if payment is past due. If your dues are taken out of your checking account or your Visa or MasterCard, your dues will be taken out around the 1st of each month.
  13. We require thirty days notice for any changes in your membership status. For example, if you wanted to cancel your membership for April, we would need to know in the beginning of March. See your agreement for additional cancellation information.
  14. Remember that monthly dues are for the privilege of using the club and do not reflect actual usage. You are considered to be an active, dues-paying member until you let Member Services know otherwise (in writing). This policy is in place to protect the integrity of your membership as only you are authorized to make changes on your account.
  15. Please turn off your cell phone or set to vibrate so everyone may enjoy a peaceful visit. Cell phone usage is prohibited in the locker rooms and fitness areas.

Inclement Weather Policy

BAC opened its doors in 1975 as a state-of-the-art racquetball club, called Park Athletic and Recreation Club (PARC).   The facility included six racquetball courts, adult locker rooms, a small universal gym, a lobby area, a lot of leased office spaces and a great little restaurant with a fireplace and dart boards, no children allowed.

As the racquetball boom leveled out, we adapted by adding a swimming pool and a basketball court.  Soon came the aerobics studio and additional programming areas for women.  The push to allow children in the club made a huge difference in our membership.  Providing babysitting while parents worked out as well as swimming lessons year-round provided a great place for families to play.  As the junior membership has grown we have responded by rapidly expanding our kids' programming.

The Fitness component at BAC has been an ever evolving, ever expanding feature.  Cutting edge technology, equipment, and expertise have been our hallmarks.

The Downtown club was added in 1994, amid furious competition, with a slower than projected growth.  We weathered that storm, and since 1997 have almost doubled both our revenues and our membership.  We look forward to expanding our physical plant to match our membership’s growth.  The Cordata club that was designed for 1200 memberships (3360 members) is operating with 1600 memberships (4480 members) essentially eleven hundred more members than real capacity. The Downtown club closed March 31, 2022.

In short, Bellingham Athletic Club has foreseen many of the changes in the marketplace and adapted.  One of our strengths is our nimbleness and ability to foresee trends, make the appropriate staffing and equipment decisions and be on the ground with new programs before anyone else in town.

1977 Gymnasium is added.
1978 Pool and locker rooms are constructed.
1982 Nautilus area is remodeled to accommodate arrival of new machines.
1983 Aerobics studio is constructed so classes could be taken out of the gym.
1984 Lounge is removed to make room for the expanded free weight area.
1988 Trillium Corporation purchased PARC in December and changed the name to Bellingham Athletic Club
1989 Free weight/Nautilus areas are remodeled to create an open feeling with expanded space
1990 Court # 6 is converted into our Kids’ Club
1993 Club goes through a extensive renovation including new carpet, new HVAC system, fresh paint, locker room face lifts, etc.
1994 Downtown facility is opened in January.
1997 BAC is purchased by Buckley Enterprises in November
1998 “Get the Skinny” advertising campaign kicks off with a restructuring of membership fees.
1999 400 memberships added since Buckley purchase. Sports Performance program takes off.
2002 Continued membership and revenue growth spurs development of expansion plans.
2003 1,000 additional memberships added since Buckley Enterprises purchase, almost doubling 1997 membership. A partnership formed between Cathy with Norm Chang purchases the former Home Base Building
2004 Diverging issues within partnership eventuate in dissolution of partnership.
2005 Continuing business in existing premises.
2022 Downtown club closed.

Aging in Place by Design

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Performance Physical Therapy

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WWS Boardshop

WWS Boardshop

Bellingham’s original boardshop. Specializing in skateboards, snowboards, longboards, skimboards, shoes, and clothing for men and women.

Bellingham Athletic Club is a proud sponsor of the following:

  • Relay for Life
  • Cancer Care Center
  • Toys for Tots
  • Bellingham Food Bank
  • Bellingham Bells Baseball Team
  • First Responder Fire Fighters
  • Rotary International
  • Rotary Exchange Students