Bellingham Athletic Club

Equipment Spotlight – Nautilus Gravitron Pull-up Dip

Pull-ups and Dips have been Strength Training exercise staples for generations. Unfortunately for those of us that do not possess the requisite upper body strength to lift our body weight up it’s a near impossible task. Our Nautilus Gravitron Pull-up Dip machine is different than a standard pull-up or dip station in that its resistance plates provide the user with assistance rather than resistance.

As you move the pin down the stack and increase the weight you systematically reduce the amount of body weight you need to lift to complete a pull-up or dip. The weight stack offsets your body weight and provides you with as much assistance as you need, not resistance. This allows you to build up your upper body strength gradually with the end goal at some point to be able to lift your own body weight.

To use the Gravitron simply set the desired assistance weight you need, climb the steps to the top steps, grasp the dip handles or the pull-up handles, place one knee on the knee pad followed by the 2nd knee.  Your body weight will slowly lower the pad allowing you to do either do a dip or pull-up. The dip handles are tapered from wide opening down to a narrow opening to accommodate your shoulder width whereas the pull-up handle offer a variety of hand placements and widths you can use.

On completion of your set of pull-ups or dips slowly bring the knee platform down so that you can step down with one foot onto one of the steps then slowly begin lowering the weight stack down until it rests back on the weight stack then remove your other knee from the knee pad. Hold on to the dip handles and descend down the steps back to the ground.

A feature for those users that wish to perform the exercise with their body weight without assistance you can do that by removing the weight pin then pushing the knee pad down toward the floor and then inserting the weight pin into the hole on the bottom of the frame. This will hold the platform down out of the way so that the user can do body weight pull-ups and/or dips.

The Gravitron can be a nice addition to your normal workout routine. Give it a try and see what you think. If you like more information on how to operate the Gravitron please feel free to talk to one of the BAC Personal Training staff, they would be happy to assist you.