Bellingham Athletic Club

Equipment Spotlight – Matrix Rotary Hip Machine

If you are looking for a way to strengthen your hips through multiple ranges of motion the Matrix Rotary Hip Machine is your one-stop option! From the standing position, the Rotary Hip Machine allows users to strengthen each hip in Abduction (outer thigh/hip), Adduction (inner thigh), Flexion (frontal hip (hip flexors), and Extension (posterior hip (glute) and posterior thigh (hamstrings).  

The Rotary Hip is adjustable to fit people of different heights and leg lengths. Users are able to adjust the movement carriage up and down so that the red axis aligns with the axis point of your hip joint, the movement pad can be adjusted up and down to fit the users lower leg length, and the movement arm may be rotated to the appropriate range of motion for each movement (Abduction, Adduction, Flexion, and Extension). The yellow-colored handles let users know where the adjustments can be made. The weight stack ranges from 10 lbs. to 295 lbs. in 15 lb. increments. 

For basic instruction the user can view diagrams of how to perform the four movements. These diagrams are located on either side of the weight stack. For more specific information on how to utilize the Rotary hip, use your mobile phone to scan the QR code located on the right side of the machine. It will direct you to an instructional video on how to utilize the machine safely and effectively.  

If you have more questions regarding the Rotary Hip Machine, feel free to contact one of BAC’s Personal Training Staff. We would be happy to assist you.