Bellingham Athletic Club

Equipment Spotlight – Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Plate Load

Located in our upstairs Fitness Area is our 5-piece plate loaded upper body Hammer Strength Circuit. Shoulder Press, Chest Press, DY Row, Row and Pulldown. What’s unique about these pieces are that they what Hammer Strength calls their “Iso-Lateral” pieces.

What that means is the movement arms are independent of each other forcing you to work both arms equally. Each piece’s movement arms can be used in tandem or one at a time giving you a variety of different workout options.

Each piece is plate loaded so you select the amount of weight you wish to lift and slide the plates on each post of the movement arms. Make sure to load both sides equally.

The seats on all the units are adjustable to fit the size of the user. If you have any questions on any of the Hammer Strength pieces, please ask one of the BAC Personal Training Staff. They would be happy to assist you!