Bellingham Athletic Club

Bittersweet News for Downtown

Here’s hoping Covid is waning and we can get some semblance of our lives back.  As many of you know we have been in protracted negotiations on the lease for the Downtown Club.  The building is changing hands and getting answers has been very difficult.  There are a variety of problems beside the terms and the cost of the lease:  The homeless who are lingering, sleeping, and etc. all around the exterior walls of 1616 Cornwall ever since the Base Camp went in across the street have been a big problem.  We have been unable to get any solutions out of the city.  Also many will remember the floods of the Fall, which have been a repeated problem over time.  And of course Covid — 19,20,21,  and 22 has depleted our Downtown membership.

All this by way of expressing that the era of the Downtown Club is coming to an end, we will be closing the Downtown facility on March 31st.  All equipment will be auctioned off through James G Murphy Co.   They are well known in the area and respected.  The auction will be held the first part of April.  If you are interested in purchasing any equipment that is where it will be available.  We would love all of you to transition back out to the Meridian location, but understand that is not convenient for everyone.  Please let membership know as soon as possible what your intentions are.  There will be no 30-day notice to cancel.  But be sure to contact us, as we can’t guess what you might like to do.  The best way is to email with your intentions.

The good news is that we have been working on the Cordata facility and will continue to do so.  We have shower dividers coming for the men’s locker rooms.  We are adding weight equipment to the back of the cardio room, and plan on using the proceeds from the Downtown auction to purchase some new equipment for Cordata.  The women’s main locker room is having a facelift, installing wood lockers and adding a lounge area complete with couch, chairs and TV.  We will be expanding floor areas upstairs for more small group training and stretching areas.

We are very excited to be focusing our attention back at Cordata where everything began in 1975.  Cordata has always been the driver of business here at BAC; with the pool and the courts providing a variety of options for adults and families alike.  We will be expanding hours and programming soon at Cordata, we are looking to a more robust Group Ex schedule of classes, and adding more Kids Club hours (as long as we can find staff), as well as more Family Swim times.  Stay tuned for all the great happenings here at BAC –Cordata!  Looking forward to seeing you all here at the club!