Bellingham Athletic Club

Anxious to get your game on?

Hope this finds you well and anxious to get your game on!

We are still in the stranglehold of COVID, but we’ve seen some improvement and light at the end of the tunnel!

People are coming back to BAC to get in shape and ready to hit the courts again.  Policy at this point is that you have to wear your mask into the club, while you’re in the hallway, but not while you’re playing (unless you’d like to).  Bring your own towels.

We have people that have come back to the courts – there are some playing on Mon/Wed/Fri mornings again as well as some on Tues/Thurs evenings and various other pockets of times and days.  I want to facilitate in any way possible for those who need to find a playing partner, so if you’d like to play some singles, but don’t know who to contact, reply to this email and I’ll try to match you up with others.

I have a couple of other ideas in the works, and would like your feedback on them.  Please let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas for me!


For those who feel safe to do so, I’m contemplating having a little mini-league in May and June (or June and July).  8 or 9 weeks of playing singles matches.  Matches could be 2 out of 3 to 11 points, to ease people back into shape.  Would you be interested?


To bring new players to our sport, I will reinstate the free beginner clinic for those who’d like to learn the game and participate on our courts. Sign-ups will be limited! First one will be in mid-May.


A lot of you have not been exercising that much during COVID.  This would be a chance to get yourself safely back into playing shape.  It would be a combination of drills on the court with me and a workout upstairs with a trainer to get your body in better shape for the game.  Would you be interested?

Let me know your thoughts!  You can email us at