Bellingham Athletic Club

Mandatory Masks

We have had some members worried about the non-wearing of masks during vigorous exercise. One of the suggestions was to have mask mandatory times at the club; so we are going to try this at the Downtown club. Monday through Friday from 10 am – Noon masks will be required the entire time you are in the club. We’ll see how this goes. For those who are immune-compromised or in a high-risk group, this will provide some added assurance. As always your feedback is much appreciated.

Otherwise, keep in mind our policy as of June 26th: Governor Inslee has mandated masks be worn in all indoor and outdoor public spaces. We are a private club, and we are checking temperatures and health status before every member’s club use. Please wear masks while moving about the club, with the exception of during intense exercise. Be sure to use the placards during cardio machine use to enforce social distancing, feel free to block out as many machines as necessary to ensure adequate space for your exercise session.