Bellingham Athletic Club

Mandatory Club Closure


As per Governor Jay Inslee’s emergency proclamation mandating an immediate two-week closure of all restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities. The new order goes into effect at midnight March 16th and will remain in place through March 31st. Please make sure that we have a current email (send to, as that will be our primary way to communicate with you.

Be sure to check our website and Facebook pages for updates. These are challenging times, but we will prevail, we are children and grandchildren of the Greatest Generation– who survived World Wars, the Spanish Influenza, and the Great Depression. We are tough and resilient. Stay tuned for online workouts and videos from our trainers to help you stay fit and healthy.

Remain positive and meet all these challenges with a good attitude. It will help you make it through the weeks ahead. Nothing is insurmountable; we just have to figure it out. I would implore you to not ask small businesses for refunds, as the fixed operating costs (rent, taxes, power, etc.) are, well. . .fixed and need to be paid whether the doors are open or closed. If we expect our local businesses (our friends and neighbors) to be able to survive and be available to us when this is past, we need to give them some breathing room to make it.

Please see the announcement from the Governor below:

Statewide closure of entertainment, leisure and non-essential services

Inslee also included entertainment, leisure and non-essential services in today’s emergency proclamation.

The ban includes, but is not limited to,

Bowling alleys,
Gyms and fitness centers,
Non-tribal card rooms,
Art galleries,
Tattoo parlors,
Barbers, hair salons and nail salons.
Statewide ban on gatherings of 50 or larger

Inslee also announced a further executive order expanding on orders from last week. Last Friday, Inslee expanded the ban on events larger than 250 beyond the Puget Sound region to the entire state. Today, he announced the ban will decrease in size to prohibit all events of 50 or larger statewide.

Additionally, all gatherings with under 50 participants are prohibited unless criteria from the CDC for public health and social distancing are met.

“I am proud of how Washingtonians have stepped up and worked together,” Inslee said. “I know we still have long days ahead, but I know that together we will prevail and be a stronger state as a result. We will get through this together and life will return to normal, but the steps we are taking now will help us get back to normal sooner.

”I ask everyone to take these steps to protect themselves, their families and their communities. Everyone needs to play their part. “

We at Bellingham Athletic Club appreciate your continued membership and look forward to serving you in April. Take all recommended precautions: social distancing, aggressive hand washing, and self-quarantine if you are ill.


Cathy Buckley and the entire BAC staff