Bellingham Athletic Club

Coronavirus and BAC

All BAC Members:

Governor Inslee announced this afternoon the closure of all Public Schools in the state of Washington as of Tuesday March 17th. BAC leadership has come together to make a very difficult decision. We will be suspending all Group Classes until further notice. This includes all Group Exercise classes, Pool exercise classes and our Youth Swim lesson program. If fees are involved we will be issuing credits for the remaining sessions which will resume as soon as it is safe to do so. All one-on-one lessons or training sessions will need to be cleared with your instructor. The situation in Whatcom County is changing by the hour. Over the next few weeks, as the situation develops, we will have time to reassess when group classes will resume. This is certainly unprecedented, but, we believe it is the right decision to make under the circumstances. As of this writing, we are planning on keeping both of the clubs open, with Kids Club available.

However, as caring members of our Whatcom County community, we are committed to helping wherever and however we can in our community. There will be many needs and opportunities to come together to help our community in ways we cannot right now envision. As a club, we have the opportunity to provide a leadership role in helping us all get through this challenging time. Stay posted for some videos/blogs from instructors.

If you are healthy and able please support our local small businesses, we are all suffering due to a loss of business. If your job and finances allow it, you might think of purchasing gift certificates. Gift certificates give a little boost to the business, allowing them to meet payroll and pay bills. That value comes back to you as a benefit down the road when things return to normal.

I have unfailing faith in our ability to weather this storm, to help those in need, and come together as we move through these unprecedented times.

Take the necessary precautions to stay healthy, keep exercising and I hope to see you in the clubs.

Cathy Buckley and the Management Team