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Coronavirus and BAC


I just thought I would reach out to you to let you know what we are doing here at BAC in response to the ongoing issue as regards the Coronavirus. We have implemented an aggressive program of disinfection, for all common surfaces.  We want everyone to be safe here at the club.  We are adhering to all CDC recommendations.  The Front Desk and Maintenance staff are hourly disinfecting door handles, cards, pens,  and Front Desk Surfaces.  The fitness staff is doing the same for the weight room and cardio areas.  The pool has its own built-in defense system due to the chlorine levels maintained in that area. Locker rooms are also under increased cleaning protocols.

We have an abundance of cleaning bottles and rags for your use.  Please take the extra precaution of wiping down any and all equipment before and after use.  (The before is for your protection, and the after is for those that follow.)  If you have underlying health issues that will be aggravated by getting sick, please be careful and perhaps stay away from group classes.  One of the best defenses against any disease is a healthy immune system, so eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep.  As always I welcome your comments and questions.

For more information about the disinfectant that we use at both clubs (it effectively kills the Human Coronavirus), please press here.


Cathy Buckley