Bellingham Athletic Club

BAC 2 School!

We are trying to step up and help those parents who are struggling to manage school-age children and the remote learning that is taking place across the county.  We are calling our program BAC 2 School.  It will include supervised homework, class sessions, recess, and PE.  We hope to start this program Wednesday, September 9th.  We are hoping to be very nimble in responding to kids’ and parents’ needs.

Here are the logistics of the BAC 2 School program:

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-3:00pm

Pricing for Full Day:

Member: $40
Sibling: $35

Non-Member: $50
Sibling: $45

Pay by the hour (2-hour minimum stay):

Member: $8 per hour
2 hours: $16
3 hours: $24
4 hours: $32
5+ hours: $40

Non-Member: $10 per hour
2 hours: $20
3 hours: $30
4 hours: $40
5+ hours: $50

*Child has to be on Family or Single Parent membership to qualify for member pricing*

Mask Policy:
Kids will be required to wear their masks any time they are walking around the facility and cannot social distance. They will not be required to wear their masks while sitting down at their desk, exercising, or eating.

Food Policy:
Kids will bring their own lunch and snacks.