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Nutrition in the New Year!

I hope your holiday season was joyful and that you’re excited for 2020. January marks a time of inspiration, aspiration, and intention, especially in terms of diet and exercise. Here are my Top 3 Nutrition Guidelines to keep in mind on your journey towards better health.

Plate Your Veggies First

Whenever possible, go for veggies first (especially those greens!) and then plate your protein, fat, and other carbs (bread, pasta, etc). This doesn’t require measuring, counting, or calculating, it’s simply a hack you can use to get your veggies in and keep your blood sugar stable.

By prioritizing getting your veggies in first, you’re not only getting vital vitamins and minerals but fiber and hydration too! Contrary to popular belief, protein doesn’t have to be the star of the show! Instead of plating around a piece of meat, plate around a big serving of vegetables. Better yet, include some plant-based protein such as beans, lentils, or quinoa for a double-whammy!

Snack on Fat

Do you need snacks between meals? What do you usually choose? One of the quickest and easiest snacks you can have (which is great for busy workdays/environments too!) are nuts and seeds. Unlike a single piece of fruit or packaged granola bar (which is almost always loaded with syrups and sugars despite the “healthy” labeling), a small handful of nuts or half an avocado can fuel you for hours. That’s nice, steady blood sugar from meal to meal without energy slumps or sugar cravings! 🙂

Focus on One Meal at a Time

When deciding what to make or order to eat, consider what you’ve already eaten (or plan to eat that day) and try to fill in any nutrient gaps. Did you go out for pancakes and mimosas? Make sure you get some veggies and whole food sources of fat and protein in your later meals! Are you having pasta for dinner? Maybe add some chopped spinach to your eggs in the morning (I call those sneaky greens because they wilt down so much you can get a whole serving and hardly notice it!) or add broccoli florets to your pasta. A not-so-nutritious snack or meal doesn’t ruin anything…you can clean it up next time you eat.

Shelby O’Hagan, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)
Rebel Yum Nutrition