Bellingham Athletic Club

Squat Matrix Foot Placement

by Mike Locke, Fitness Director

Our Fascial, Muscular, and Skeletal system is the system that allows our bodies the ability to move. Not in just one plane but through multiple planes. In training, it’s important that we keep this concept of multi-plane movement in mind.

If we focus on training this system in only one plane of motion we miss out on developing the other planes and their interaction with each other. By training multiple planes of motion we receive the greatest benefits to the entire system.

The Squat Matrix allows you to train in multiple positions by changing your foot placement giving you a 3-dimension training effect while performing squats! Foot placements can be by position: Neutral (feet pointed straight ahead), Externally Rotated (feet out like a “duck”) or Internally Rotated (feet in “pigeon-toed”), or by stance; shoulder width, wide, narrow, split, or 90 degrees.

If you are trying these variations remember to start slow and use a light load. You can use a Leg Press machine at first or just your body weight to refine your technique prior to increasing the load.

Our BAC Personal Training staff would be glad to assist you with any questions regarding how to incorporate the Squat Matrix into your training program.