Bellingham Athletic Club

Online Exercises

Below are some workouts that our Fitness Director, Mike Locke suggests for working out at home.

ActivTrax at Home

Warm Up (video exercises)

Mobility & Flexibility (video exercises)

Core (video exercises)

Stability Ball Core (video exercises)

Stability Ball Stability (video exercises)

Bridge with Glide Disc (video exercises)

Corpse with Glide Disc (video exercises)

Lunges with Glide Disc (video exercises)

Spiderman Arm Crawl (PDF or video exercises)

Spiderman Crawl (PDF or video exercises)

Cinderella Scrub (PDF or video exercises)

Workout #3 (PDF)

Workout #2 (PDF)

Workout #1 (PDF)

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By choosing to participate in any online class/exercise, you hereby waive and release all rights and claims for any damage you have against Bellingham Athletic Club and all representatives for all injuries which may be suffered in connection with your participation.