Bellingham Athletic Club

Getting Through the Winter

February in the Northwest is a tough month. The days are short and it’s still cold and blustery. It’s a good time to concentrate on sparking energy into your day and creating an oasis in your home.

Head to the Bellingham Athletic Club

An important way to combat the doldrums of winter is to get to exercise. Working out is just as good for the soul as it is for the body. Get your sneakers on and head to the Club to unleash your endorphins, be social, and feel good about yourself. Bring a friend along for encouragement and accountability.

Lighten Your Home

Clear the clutter. Start with stowing away anything holiday-specific, such as red, green, and blue ornaments, ribbons, and dishware. Separate the items you need to have, want to have, from the rest of accumulated stuff laying around. Now is an excellent time to re-organize with baskets and storage boxes. Be discerning when choosing what to keep. Don’t store things that should be donated, up-cycled, or tossed out. Tip: check your closets and garage for empty storage boxes before buying more.

Refresh the Indoors

There are many season-neutral decorations and colors that reflect light in a room. I like to use white, silver, and gold tones to add brightness. Shimmering mercury votives, twinkle lights, and mirrors are some options.

Bring a little outdoors to the indoors. Greenery goes a long way to freshening an entry, fireplace, and coffee table. Put a branch or two of variegated holly leaves with red berries into a tall glass vase for a pretty pop of natural color. White baby’s breath adds a light and lacy look to a dark corner or shelf.

Refresh your framed photos. Print a few current favorite photos from the holidays or highlights from the past year. Replace the old with the new pictures in the same frame. They will add warmth and happy memories to your décor.

Use warm throw blankets to make a room feel cozy. Colorful pillows add attractive pops to neutral walls and furniture. Candlelight creates a pleasant ambiance during dark winter nights.

Embrace February. The days are getting longer and lighter, the birds are singing, and little buds of crocuses are starting to pop. Spring is right around the corner—hang in there!

Susie Landsem
Aging in Place by Design
Susie is a consultant for Aging in Place. Contact her if you have questions about adding safety and comfort solutions to your home.