Bellingham Athletic Club

Meet Cathy

Cathy began working in the health and fitness industry as a lifeguard in college. After graduation from the University of Washington, Cathy was instrumental in developing a complete Aquatic program for the new Bellevue Athletic Club facility. The next ten years at the “other” BAC provided her with great experience in facility management and taught her the importance of superior customer service. Moving to Bellingham in 1990 with husband, Stu, and children, Shannon, Todd, and John, found Cathy without a pool! While teaching CPR and First Aid throughout Whatcom County, she was introduced to Bellingham Athletic Club and was hired in 1991 as Aquatics Director. Cathy’s strong communication skills and attention to detail led to her being hired as BAC’s Operations Manager in 1993. She purchased BAC from the Trillium Corporation in 1997. Cathy has served as president and board member of FitLife, an organization of Northwest Quality Clubs.  She is an upcoming President of the Rotary Club of Bellingham and has served on numerous philanthropic boards throughout the Northwest. “The Athletic Club business has changed greatly over the past 45 years, it used to be a ‘look in the mirror’ business, more about vanity than health. But today it is clearly a Health business. I am passionate about spreading the word about how instrumental staying fit is in the process of Aging actively, happily and successfully. I truly believe the major health problems associated with aging are more related to atrophy than the actual physical process of getting older. Staying active and fit can make the difference between being stuck in a recliner or continuing to do the things you love into retirement and beyond.”