Bellingham Athletic Club

Courtenay McFadden

If you are a cyclist and have spent much time at our Downtown club, you know who Courtenay McFadden is.

My personal description of her in three words? Tough, Driven, Amazing ? in no particular order. I hired Courtenay when she was in her 2nd year at Western University to teach some Cycling classes for us. She showed up well prepared! She had a complete binder full of ideas, playlists, exercises etc. ? which was completely unexpected. Obviously, she was hired! Most of you that have been fortunate enough to take her classes in the past also know she makes and brings
homemade cookies to her classes on a regular basis.

Fast forward several years; you can follow her as she travels the United States, and the world, to race Cyclocross as a professional. What makes her story extra special is the fact that she has had two separate, excruciating hip surgeries, one year apart from the other. That kind of intensive therapy and recovery would make most people quit. The physical and mental stress she because I follow her, admire her, and learn from her, every day.

This year has been an epic year for Courtenay. She had her first “top of the podium” win, and this year has gone on to be her most successful so far!

Just recently, (the first week of December) Court was in Dallas, Texas to compete in the “UCI Resolution Cup”. This is a two-day event with races on both Saturday and Sunday. The course is intense, with tight, twisty corners, as well as foot-filled, wooded sections and a lot of variety. On the first race day, Courtenay was fast! She was completely focused, and by the end of the race, she was in a fast group of 4 other women. By the end of the race, she dug hard passed the other 3, and took first place!

The following day, the course was different, but she still went on to place 2nd. Amazing! She left the country to race in Nationals the following week. Although she always hopes to finish in the top 3, she came in 9th. No doubt she gave it 110% and we were so proud to watch her in Nationals again! What’s next? She is spending the next 5 weeks abroad in Europe to train and race. We will be sure to keep you updated. If you would like to follow her yourself, she is on Instagram and Facebook, and writes an amazing blog! Congratulations to Courtenay McFadden! What a story of inspiration and hope going into the New Year!!!

Jeri Winterburn
Group Exercise Director