Bellingham Athletic Club

BAC Welcomes New Aquatics Director!

Lindsay WilliamsMy name is Lindsay Williams and I am the new Aquatics Director at BAC! I am a native of Whatcom County, growing up in Ferndale. I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Communication. Some of you may be familiar with my mom, Jill Robertson, who has taught water aerobics at the club most of my life. I hear she is a staple around here, especially with her costumes.

I started working as a lifeguard in the summers at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club in 1997 when I was in high school. Eventually, I began teaching swim lessons and have grown to love helping children get over their fear of water and become competent swimmers. While working other jobs when I was newly married, I found ways to continue to teach lessons. In 2009, I became the Assistant Aquatics Director at the Country Club. Since then, every summer I trained their staff, organized over 2,000 swimmers into classes, and help run a hugely successful and popular swim lesson program.

My husband, Brett, and I are getting ready to celebrate 16 years of marriage this fall. We have 3 children: Jack is 10, Maelle is almost 7, and Carys is 3 1/2. We often wonder what we did for entertainment before we had kids as they are constantly making us laugh. We love playing games together, watching movies, going for walks (especially to Starbucks!), and just spending time together. We also enjoy rooting on our beloved Seahawks and were just able to attend our first UW football game as a family.

All three of our kids have been in and around the water their entire lives. Because of this, they are all-natural swimmers and very confident in the water. Our youngest actually passed the swim test this summer—swimming across the shallow end and back without touching the bottom. Our oldest has one of the most beautiful breaststrokes I have ever seen. And my sweet middle girl has made friends with every swimmer, instructor, and lifeguard at the pool. I really love being a mom and taking pride and joy in my children. Although, they do occasionally drive me crazy.

My biggest encouragement for families with young children is to expose them to water at an early age. Not only playing and splashing in the bath but also finding ways to get in a pool with them. It’s so much easier when they’re young and haven’t quite formed their own opinions. But, if you or your child haven’t spent much time around water, it is never too late to learn. I’ve had the opportunity to teach all ages of beginners, even adults, and it’s admirable and encouraging. I enjoy building trust with my students and pushing them to their full potential while being gentle and firm. There’s a lot of fun to be had in and around the water! I’m looking forward to building on my experiences here at BAC!