Bellingham Athletic Club

September Member of the Month

Charles Marcks has been a member at BAC for 10 years and his daily routine starts with a great morning workout at the Downtown club; he greets everyone with a smile and has a positive attitude that encourages others. He refers to the gym as his playground, setting up circuits and performing challenging exercises.

When Charles began utilizing the facility he would focus mainly on cardio and weights, after noticing some low back pain he hired a trainer and took his fitness to a new level. His consistency each day with a guided program has created joy in coming to the gym; he looks forward to his group training with friends and has had incredible muscle, flexibility and endurance gain. Charles would like to give a big shout out to his trainer Lynette Reilly; she has given him guidance, motivation, and inspiration. She has been a tremendous help to not only reach his goals but keep him excited to continue his journey!

Charles is originally from Palm Springs and lived there until he was in his 20’s; he moved to Bellingham from Portland, OR back in 2006 and hasn’t left since because of all the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Charles is the CFO at Whatcom Museum, loves to read, has been with his partner, Marc for over 30 years and has a tuxedo cat named Pixel. A fun fact about Charles is that he doesn’t own a cell phone!

Thank you, Charles, for your commitment to BAC and always putting a smile on everyone’s face!