Bellingham Athletic Club

August Member of the Month

Congratulations Joanna for being BAC’s August Member of the Month!

Joanna has lived on both the East and West Coasts, but moved to Bellingham 12 years ago and married her husband Wesley in 2010. They have 2 children, Gwen (4) and Jacob (2) who absolutely LOVE coming to Kid’s Club and family swim times. Joanna stays at home with the kids, which is a full-time job for now.

She has played violin since she was 8 when her grandfather gave her her first violin and taught her how to play. In college, she studied General Music and currently enjoys playing with the local Bellingham Community Chamber Orchestra. She also teaches private violin lessons and occasionally plays with her church music team.

The reason she joined BAC because she is in the process of becoming a gestational surrogate for couples who cannot carry their own children, and was told she needs to lose a little weight before moving forward with it. So far she has lost 20 pounds with the help of the wonderful aqua aerobics classes! She is looking forward to reaching her goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the support of the community at BAC.