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Tips to surviving those summer gatherings

Is summer in the Pacific Northwest GLORIOUS or what?? As we bounce from BBQ to BBQ and enjoy these long, sunny days, it can begin to feel a bit overwhelming to ‘get back on track’ when we know there are so many more opportunities to socialize in the near future. We’ve touched on tips to survive holidays and gatherings before, but they certainly bear repeating!

Drop the RESTRICTION mindset and remember that you’re making CHOICES to reach your goals! Studies on willpower have shown that when people go into diets or settings with the mindset that they’re not allowed to have something, it becomes the focus of their attention and depletes their willpower. What’s more is that when willpower diminishes, blood sugar decreases, and you actually become hungry… especially for that little something which you’ve been denying yourself! Here are some tips to sustain your blood sugar and willpower:

– Load up on fat, protein, fiber, and greens! Eat veggies first or before you get to the gathering so you’re not as hungry.

– Find a high protein/fat snack to munch on if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the goodies you’re trying to avoid. Even a handful of nuts before you sip beer or munch on chips will help keep your blood sugar stable.

Stay physically active, but don’t go overboard! As a member of Bellingham Athletic Club, you have access to wonderful facilities! If you find yourself tight on time or unable to get to the gym, a simple walk will do, too. Plus you’ll get the added bonus of some Vitamin D! If you did eat or drink more than you would have liked to, don’t destroy yourself in the gym the next day. Put that extra energy to use the best you can, and simply move on.

Avoid any sort of crash diet or restriction after overindulging. We know that unsustainable methods yield unsustainable results…that’s the yo-yo effect! The day after a fun and food-filled get-together, focus on hydration and high-quality food like leafy greens and protein! These are healthy habits for your everyday life as well.

Shelby O’Hagan, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)
Rebel Yum Nutrition