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Picking the Right Protein

You’ve likely heard before that you are what you eat. But have you considered that you are what your food eats too? Healthy animals provide us with outstanding nourishment! Studies comparing grass-fed cows to those that are raised conventionally have shown that dairy and meat coming from grass-fed animals pack more nutrition, particularly in the form of fatty acids. This includes omega-3 fatty acids which are key to reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and improving symptoms of depression.

Studies on poultry have shown that eggs from pasture-raised chickens have a superior nutrition profile, but you can see the difference yourself in your own kitchen. What color are your egg yolks? Conventionally raised chickens without access to space, grass, and bugs yield eggs with yellow yolks. Eggs from chickens that are pasture-raised have beautiful, deep orange yolks that are loaded with nutrition and taste better too. Chickens are omnivores — consider that next time that you see vegetarian-fed.

What’s more, is that when animals are raised in less stressful environments, they get sick less, require less antibiotic use, and produce less of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. Animals that are stressed out and producing/receiving those hormones and chemicals pass them on to the eater! Stress and overproduction of cortisol are major issues for Americans today — there?s no benefit to consuming the stress and cortisol of our food.

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