Bellingham Athletic Club

Glide Disc – Backward Lunges

In the last two exercises of the month, we have looked at the progressions for split squats. The next exercise in that progression is adding movement of one leg to that stationary movement.

Backward lunges are the next progression to Split Squats. In the backward lunge, we are actively taking a step backward with one leg and descending downward until our front thigh and rear leg form two 90 degree angles. It is important that we keep both feet at least shoulder width to as wide as hip-width. If we narrow our stance or cross the mid-line of the body we increase the likelihood we might lose our balance and fall. From the 90-90 position, we transition back up to a standing position lifting through our hips while maintaining our posture and balance.

Using a Glide disc is a great tool to help you learn how to effectively do a backward lunge. Place the foot of the leg you will be moving backward on the disc. You should have the forefoot of your shoe on the disc. Carpet discs are hard plastic whereas hardwood floor discs are nylon. Both slide very easily on hard and carpeted surfaces so be careful as you slide the disc. When you initially begin, you can use a solid support or a mobility pole to assist you with balance. Later on, as you progress you can load your hands with weight or place a barbell on your shoulders.

Backward lunges are a great exercise for the upper thighs and the hips. If you have questions on this exercise please speak to one of Personal Trainers or Group Exercise instructors.