Bellingham Athletic Club

Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Strategies for reducing the risk of Weekend Warrior injuries:

• Warm-up thoroughly prior to activity participation. A warm-up should include general body warm-up with light jogging and/or calisthenics. Tissue mobilization and release using a massage stick, foam roller or lacrosse ball. Short duration (10-20 sec) stretching exercises encompassing the major muscle groups 2-3 times on each.

• Warm-down after activity participation. Walk or do some light jogging to help flush out your system. Foam rolling, massage stick of the muscles used in the activity. Longer duration stretching (30-60 sec) for major muscles 2-3 times each.

• Recovery using massage, cryotherapy (cold) ice or an ice bath, whirlpool for the heat and jets, and pool for mobility and off-loading joints.

• Listen to your body. Don’t try to block out and push through what your body is trying to tell you. Know when to say when!

• Change up your activities. Repetitive participation can lead to overuse injuries.

• Try to balance activity during the week with activity on the weekend.