Bellingham Athletic Club

Meet the Pinto-Gonzalez family!

Hello BAC! We are the Pinto-Gonzalez family! My husband Victor and I have Two wonderful boys, Emilio(11) and Aziel(2) and we love to keep active as a family!!

Being a boy mom, it’s almost like there isn’t enough things to do in the world to tire my kids out! But thankfully here at the BAC, we have a one-stop shop of activities to do both individually and as a family unit! 

In the summers we love to hike, swim, and go on big family walks, or participate in local 5ks. 

On almost every day in the gym though, you can find my kids taking advantage of the WONDERFUL tutelage of kids club! The instructors are so interactive and there is something there for both my sons to enjoy! While they play and learn, I’ll be in a group fitness class or working upstairs in the weight room almost every day! My husband and Emilio love to play racquetball and come 3-4 times a week to train and play with the amazing group of individuals who play here as well! On the weekends we love to attend family swim or play soccer or basketball in the gym! We have all made friends and lasting relationships here, and find the people to be just as phenomenal as the location!

Rain or shine the gym can help to make sure my family can remain active year round! We are grateful for the community here at the BAC and hope that you enjoy and appreciate this place as much as we do! 

Victor, McKenna, Emilio and Aziel Pinto-Gonzale