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Swim Lessons

The summer has been absolutely idyllic, I hope you are all outdoors taking advantage of the weather! The next round of lessons is 3 weeks long, with no breaks or missed days, so if your kids could use a quick mid-summer touch up on their skills, check out our lesson schedule!

 A couple of quick clarifications for those who may be new or out of the loop on lessons:

Hot Tub Tips:

  • Try to save hot tub time as a treat for after lessons! When students hop in the hot tub before class, the water in the pool can be difficult to adjust to, and waiting for after lessons give them something to look forward to!
  • Please do not bring toys into the hot tub. Save those for class!
  • It is unsafe for students to spend more than 5 minutes in the hot tub, or to swim with their face underwater in the hot tub. Kids do not have fully developed temperature regulation systems, so they can overheat easily.
  • When your student is using the hot tub, please stand close enough to see them. We do not have a lifeguard assigned to the hot tub, so while all of our instructors are lifeguard certified, keeping an eye on the hot tub is up to the parents. This is why students can use the hot tub during lessons, so let’s preserve this perk!

While it is important for your student to learn to adapt to having water in their eyes, feel free to bring goggles with you for lessons! It can be helpful to have a tool to keep water out of their eyes during lessons.

Please do not allow your student to swim in the pool before their lesson starts. It’s not safe for students to swim without a lifeguard on duty, and we want to keep everyone safe.

We do not provide bath towels for non-members who come in for lessons, so please remember to bring a towel with you if you’re not a member of the gym.

Sometimes swimming lessons can be scary! This can lead to distraction when Mom or Dad is in the room. With younger students, we may ask parents to wait in the lobby to allow their child to concentrate on the lesson. Please know that this will help your student become comfortable in a class environment, and help them to focus on the skills they are learning, plus they will be so excited to tell you about their lesson! We will work individually with families to provide the best learning experience possible for your student.

Next Lessons are July 23 – August 8 (43 weeks/6 Lessons)

Call (360) 676-1800 to sign up!

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