Bellingham Athletic Club

Swim Lessons

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! We’ve been busy around the pool, and we’re excited to gear up for summer! We’ve switched over to our 3-week Summer Sessions, so this round will let out right around the same time school does. After school lets out, you’ll see a change in availability! Since morning lessons are more popular in the summer, we are aiming to offer a greater variety at that time.

We also want to encourage everyone to take advantage of our family swim passes! Non-members are eligible to receive a family swim pass that allows you to come play at BAC and practice your students’ skills outside of class! Family Swim runs on Mon/Wed/Fri afternoons (3:30-5) and evenings (7-8:30) and on the weekends from 3-5 and 6-8:30. With the weather getting warmer, it might be nice to splash around in the water anyways! There will be a Special, ‘School’s Out’ themed family swim on Saturday, June 15th  from 3-5PM.  We’ll play games and have the opportunity to navigate an obstacle course where students can test their agility in the water, so join us for this fun themed family swim.

June 4 – 20th (3 weeks/6 Lessons)

Call (360) 676-1800 to sign up!

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