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Winter Nutrition Tips

For many of us, December means not only holidays but lots of gatherings and food! Here are a few tips to help you navigate the food scene with confidence and success!

1. Avoid the RESTRICTION mindset, instead try adopting the mindset that you’ve made a CHOICE for yourself and your health? It’s been shown in studies on willpower that when people go into diets or settings with the mindset that they’re not allowed to have something, it becomes the focus of their attention and depletes their willpower. What’s more is that when willpower diminishes, blood sugar decreases, and you actually become hungry? especially for that little something which you’ve been denying yourself! Never fear, there are a number of actions you can take to avoid breaking.

a. Load up on fat, protein, fiber, and greens! Rather than completely denying yourself and depleting your willpower, try planning ahead. Get your nutrients in early in the day. When you enter a holiday dinner, eat veggies first! Or if you’re headed to a gathering where there aren’t likely to be healthy options, have a small healthy snack before you go so you’re not as hungry.

b. Find a high protein/fat snack to munch on if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the goodies you’re trying to avoid. Remember that blood sugar crash that happens when willpower is used up? If you can find something else to eat to keep your blood sugar stable, you’ll feel less inclined to eat all the cookies on the platter.

2. Stay physically active! As a member of Bellingham Athletic Club, you have access to spectacular facilities! If you find yourself tight on time or unable to get to the gym, a simple walk will do too. Ask your friends or family if they?ll join you on a walk after dinner, you may be surprised by how many are happy to partake in a bit of movement.

3. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! You’re not making a mistake when you enjoy a slice of pie your sister baked or meet with your friends for holiday drinks – that is part of being human and enjoying life! Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy yourself, knowing that you can still achieve your goals without alienating or completely restricting yourself. Plan ahead, try your best, and remember that the holidays are a time for rejoicing.

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Shelby O’Hagan
Nutrition Consultant