Bellingham Athletic Club

Acumobility Ball and the Rollga Foam Roller

Here at BAC we continually look for unique products which we feel can enhance our clients and members health. Two such products can be found in our BAC Pro Shop, the Acumobility Ball and the Rollga Foam Roller. These unique products take tissue mobility work to the next level of effectiveness. The Acumobility balls base, texture, and density give it a distinct advantage over using a lacrosse, tennis, or therapy type ball. Where as the Rollga and its specifically designed contours fit your skeletal structure allowing you to access the soft tissue more effectively then a conventional foam roller. You will immediately notice the difference, so if you are looking for an effective soft tissue tool the Acumobility ball and Rollga are a must have! If have questions regarding either product please speak to a member of our BAC Personal Training staff.