Bellingham Athletic Club

Barb’s Beer Foundation

We all have people in our lives that are unique and special. Barbara Murphy was certainly a very dear friend of mine, and several other BAC employees and members. Barb was at the club every day (no excuses) to take Group Exercise classes. She loved her workouts and was an avid runner, participating in several marathons; her favorite one being the Boston Marathon.

In 2007 Barb was diagnosed with non-smokers lung cancer, completely out of the blue. She battled and fought valiantly before passing away in December 2013. She continued to stay strong and fit with daily workouts while she endured the rigors of treatments, chemotherapy, and surgeries. She never lost hope, and continued to inspire and brighten the lives of everyone around her. She focused on doing what she could to create awareness for this disease, which afflicts a quarter million Americans a year – including 3000 people, mostly women – who like Barb, have never smoked.

Barabara passed away 5 years ago. But her husband, Tom Murphy, has continued to keep her memory alive since then by working with a local brewery to create a beer in her memory. “Barb’s Beer” was inspired by the many Friday nights that she would join her family and friends for pizza and a tasty brew. She loved the conversations that took place around a table of loved ones – sharing stories, laughter, good food, and of course, a cold pint.

Tom started the “Barb’s Beer Foundation” to raise awareness of this disease and to help Barb’s oncologist, Dr. West, and his foundation to find a cure. Since its inception, Barb’s Beer (which is brewed locally at North Sound Brewing) has been picked up by numerous restaurants and businesses across the country from Bellingham to New York, with all proceeds dedicated to finding a cure.

Please join Barb’s Beer Foundation for the 4th Anniversary of Barb’s Beer hosted by Boundary Bay on July 19th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. LaFiamma will provide pizza, Northsound will provide Barb’s Beer. Barb’s husband, Tom, will sign copies of “Runner in Red”, his new Boston Marathon novel, with proceeds going to support our Barb’s Beer cure lung cancer campaign. $15 donation at the door gets your pizza and Barb’s Beer. See for more details on the campaign’s progress.

I would love to see as many BAC members there as possible. Whether you knew Barb or now, the reason we gather together to raise money and awareness is so important. Please join us and bring your friends along to celebrate memories, achievements, and friendship!

Jeri Winterburn
Group Exercise Director