Bellingham Athletic Club

Shoulder and Neck Care Workshop

Shoulder and Neck Care Workshop: Movements for Mobility and Strength
Where: Cordata Studio, BAC
When: June 16, 2018 @ 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Cost: $25 for members – $35 for non-members
Instructor: Michal Retter

We often limit ourselves to repetitive common patterns rather than going through the full range of available motion in our neck and shoulders. Poor movement patterns can cause repetitive damage to the tissues in our shoulders even from simply using it in normal everyday activities (desk work, computer work, gardening work, construction work to name a few).

Particular causes of injuries can range from the obvious (trauma from a fall) to the more intricate (nerve irritation decreasing muscle strength, leading to improper joint positioning). Whether it is specific muscle weakness, or flexibility problems (both too much and too little) at muscles, ligaments, and within the joint itself, these all lead to impaired movement patterns (and pain).

In this mini-workshop we will explore tips and tactics for improving our shoulder flexibility, motion and strength.

The intention is to open our shoulders into new positions that allow a freer movement pattern. These improved motions can decrease stress to irritated tissues and also make our chosen recreational activities/exercise smoother and easier to perform.

Bring a notepad to jot down ideas and create your own shoulder recovery routine!

We will also engage in neck exercises that will make our neck muscles stronger. In this way, we are less likely to suffer a cervical sprain/strain. These exercises can prevent arthritis in the neck and degeneration in the neck joints from progressing.

You will learn: Neck Pain Relief, to Stretch the neck muscles, to restore the full range of motion in the neck and or maintain mobility if you have arthritis/ degeneration of the cervical spine, decrease neck stiffness, and prevent neck pain and upper back pain at the end of the day when you engage the computer all day, or garden or any other repetitive activity.