Bellingham Athletic Club

Rethink the Pool!

What do you normally think of when you hear of resistance training? Maybe using Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, or Weight Stack Machines? What about water? Water can also be used as a form of resistance training! Just ask people who have done Aqua Exercise and Hydro Therapy.

So what type of benefit can you achieve from doing resistance exercise in the water? For starters, water affords you smaller increments of resistance due to the negating of gravity and by the amount of force you put against the water. The slower you move thru the water the less drag and thus the lower amount of resistance. Whereas the faster you move thru the water the more drag and resistance you receive. This allows you to incremental increase or decrease the amount of resistance you receive in any given movement.

Performing movements in the water tend to be smoother and easier on the joints. You also have the benefit of the pressure of the water and the temperature which gives assistance to your lymphatic and circulatory system as well as helping with any inflammation.

Think of a movement that you can perform with one of the standard resistance training tools and you can just about do every single one in the water. Here at BAC, we have a variety of water resistance pieces of equipment that you can utilize in the water. From dumbbells to kickboards, to noodles. Not only can we do traditional type formats that you may be used to with traditional resistance equipment but we can also do the popular HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts in the water!

Speedo, with its’ long history of swimwear, is now merchandising their Speedo Fit line of equipment and are teaming up with the professionals at EXOS, a nationally renowned sports performance facility in Tempe AZ, to put together an entire program in the water. YouTube has a number of videos using their products.

If you are interested in seeing how water can fit into your resistance routine please contact one of our personal training staff or check out one of our popular Aqua Aerobics Classes.