Bellingham Athletic Club

BAC Swim Team!

There have been lots of changes in the pool this winter, and we are very excited about our newest addition to the aquatics program. We will be welcoming back our BAC Swim Team, and are currently accepting new swimmers! Our program is designed as a learning program, with primary emphasis on teaching swimming as a competitive sport. Swimmers will learn essential swim team skills and improve their technique while swimming off some of that extra energy. We accept any swimmer who has completed a manatee level from our learn to swim program, or anyone who is able to complete the tryout requirements. Swim Team run on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7PM, and costs just $55/month for members! Our next session will begin on March 7th. So, are you curious whether your student has what it takes to be a swimmer? Here’s your challenge! If they can do this workout and would like to try more, ask about signups at the front desk!
Swim Team Tryout Workout:
1. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) freestyle with side breathing
2. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) backstroke
3. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) breaststroke
4. Swim 3 lengths (50yds) butterfly
5. Do a flip turn on the wall while swimming freestyle