Bellingham Athletic Club

Meet the Shuttle

At BAC we like unique types of equipment, ones that challenge and augment our member’s workouts. For that reason we purchased the Shuttle MVP over 10 years ago. Its innovative band resistance allows a multitude of applications from individuals going through rehabilitation to elite athletes. Originally developed for NASA for use by astronauts by local inventor Gary Graham, the Shuttle MVP has become a valued piece of equipment that is utilized by Physical Therapy Clinics, Athletic Clubs, and Professional Sports Teams. The Shuttle MVP and other Shuttle Systems products are made right here in Whatcom County.

If you are not familiar with the Shuttle MVP or have not used it in awhile, we recently received a few upgrades to both our units thanks to Parker Graham and the folks at Shuttle Systems. Both units now have new extended head rests and brand new foot platforms with a brief description of some of the Shuttle MVP’s unique exercises. Whether you are looking to strength your lower or upper body or improve your explosive power the Shuttle MVP provides a variety of options for your workout. Please speak to one of our Personal Training Staff if you would like to learn more about the Shuttle MVP.