Bellingham Athletic Club


5 Components of a Sound Fitness Program

1. Mobility
– Tissue: Fascial Tissue that is able to move freely
– Joints: Bones able to articulate freely through the Range of Motion.

Achieved through Foam Rolling, Massage Stick, Therapy Ball, or Massage Therapist.

2. Resistance
– Increase Muscle Mass
– Increase Strength
– Increase Power

Achieved through Resistance Training via loads provided by: Body Weight, Free Weights, Tubing/Bands, Medicine Ball, Water, and/or Selectorized Weight Equipment. Muscle Mass to increase and maintain metabolism. Strength to engage in normal everyday leisure activity movements. Power to react quickly and recover.

3. Endurance
– Anaerobic
– Aerobic

Achieved through Interval Training (short bursts of intense activity alternating with active or complete rest determined by Ratings of Perceived Effort or Heart Rate) and Continuous Training (extended exercise at moderate to moderately high level determined by Ratings of Perceived Effort or Heart Rate).

4. Flexibility
– Muscular
– Fascial

Achieved by elongating Fascial and Muscle Tissue through prolonged duration stretching exercise (Duration can be 20 -60 seconds in length). Can be self-directed or by participating in Yoga.

5. Recovery
– Nutrition
– Rest

Achieved in eating a balanced diet with a good mixture of fruits, vegetables, protein (meat, dairy, legumes, seeds, and nuts), complex carbohydrates, and hydration. Appropriate number of hours of sleep supplemented with naps when allowed. 

Our BAC Personal Training Staff is available to help answer your questions on any or all of these components and how you can best assimilate them into your training regiment.